Saturday, October 31, 2020

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Chabad of Tenafly Gets Ready for Sukkot


Walking the Distance on Simchat Torah

My seven-and-three-quarter-mile walk (12.5 km) around Jerusalem on Shabbos was a good workout (given the current lockdown in Israel, I considered it within the realm of physical exercise, which is permitted). Being Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, I peeked into some places or listened/watched for a few moments from outside (many


My Mom’s Deep, Dark ‘Perfect’ Honey Cake

This is my mom Ruth Book’s easy recipe, altered extensively from “The Taste of Shabbos,” published by Feldheim in 1987. Among other tweaks, what my mom stressed in changing the recipe is to add the ingredients in the correct order, and above all, don’t overmix the batter. Just combine the ingredients until there are no


Yavneh Welcomes ECD Back to School

Yavneh Academy was thrilled to welcome early childhood students to school on Tuesday, September 1. Smiles were abundant, even through the masks, as the children made new friends and reacquainted with friends from last year. The students took tours of their classrooms, learned about safety with their morot and also


Financial Planning for the Orthodox Jewish Family: A Vision for the Future

In last week’s column, I adumbrated the formidable financial challenges that young Orthodox Jewish families face vis-a-vis most American families. Our spending priorities include high-ticket items such as yeshiva education and charitable giving. And many of our basic expenses such as food and shelter are on the high end of the


Is There Opportunity in Taking a Mortgage Forbearance?

Part 1

The first question that typically comes to mind about forbearance is, “What is it and is there opportunity in availing oneself of that option?

Our government wanted to assist borrowers during the COVID-19 pandemic and mandated that lenders, if


Israel Advocacy: Facts Not Tales

Highlighting: “150 Palestinian Tales,” edited by Tom S. van Bemmelen. Aspekt Publishers 2017. 379 pages. ISBN 13: 978-9463381000.

The recent challenge to the Democratic incumbent by the progressive Kreibich campaign (see article in The Jewish Link of July 9, "Why Jewish Voters


Moriah Parent/Alum Lauds Graduation Ceremony

After considering a graduation later in this summer, the Moriah School in Englewood was able to quickly plan a ceremony thanks to sharing resources and facilities with Yavneh Academy. Moriah parent/alum Sandy Yahalom was grateful the two schools could collaborate.

“As a


JEC Has Middle School Graduation Celebration

On Sunday, June 7, the JEC Middle School boys celebrated the first part of a beautiful socially distant graduation! Each family came to the JEC parking lot at a designated time, and each boy had his own personal graduation ceremony. Each boy walked down the aisle in front of his family and teachers towards the podium. Rabbi Beer spoke to each


HASC Center: Heroes Work Here

Bound and determined, HASC group homes forge on amid COVID-19.

(Courtesy of HASC) Though the world outside is shuttered, HASC Center programs are working full-force. We are forging ahead amid tough obstacles and giving it our all…because in this profession, there is no time


Creative Ways to Keep the Family Busy

As we continue to spend countless hours at home, people are tapping into their creative juices to come up with ways to help the kids and their parents pass the time. Two households in Teaneck have launched Facebook programs and activities that offer options for the whole family.


Learn the words in Hebrew to figure out the joke below: אולפן עברית

Solution: Bazooka asked Tzvika, What are you fishing Tzvika? Tzvika answered: Leviathans. Bazooka asked surprisingly, Leviathans?! There are no Leviathans in this lake. Tzvike answered, If I am not going to catch anything in the lake anyway, at least I am going to fish for Leviathans. (If I am going to fail, at