July 25, 2024
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July 25, 2024
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A Mother’s Plea: We All Stand Together to Save Meir

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 28 at 14.29.00Meir is only four months old and was born with a rare congenital heart condition that is threatening his life.



My name is Sari, and I’m a mommy to little Meir who is the light of my life!

Tears blur my vision as I write these words which I pray will open your heart to hear the desperate cry resonating from my own…

Meir is only 4 months old, sweet and angelic. He’s a darling baby, far too young to know of the hardship he was born into. Too young to understand what it means to suffer from a rare congenital heart defect that threatens his life and future.

When we first received the news, my world went dark. The utter bliss that I’d lived for several days, the joy of cradling my precious newborn, vanished. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it…

How had all those frightening stories of bypasses, open-heart surgery and shunts suddenly become our story? How did they relate to the beautiful angel nestled peacefully in my arms? How could it be? How would we cope with the challenges, the fear? Where would we garner the strength??

Every time he’s pricked or prodded, Meir cries, and I cry with him. I wish I could take away all his pain … How much can this tiny, precious creature suffer?

Meir is our third child, and his two adorable sisters watch him with pitying eyes. He’s so small, and he’s suffering so…

What mother won’t do everything for her child?!? Which mother won’t give her very life to save her child? I know that I would.

Which is why I’m doing everything I can to save Meir’s life now and make sure that his heart keeps beating!

It’s hard. It’s humiliating. It’s something I never dreamed I’d do.

Then again, I never dreamed that I’d give birth to an infant whose every day of life is another miracle either.

After countless attempts to ask for help and raise the requisite funds for his surgeries, I’m turning to you now and begging you for help! Please give my child a chance to live! Don’t let me lose my Meir!

Every night, I wake up a dozen times, drenched in sweat from nightmares that no mother should ever know! I’m torn between our ominous reality and thoughts that threaten to make me lose my mind… I can’t bear to think what will happen if we don’t raise the money… How will we go on?

I know that if you’re still reading these words, which are written with my life’s blood, then you’re a person with a giving, compassionate heart, and you won’t hesitate to help save my baby’s life!

Meir’s life and future depend on a series of complex, intricate surgeries that cost an exorbitant sum of money. For you, it’s another donation from the heart. But for Meir, it’s life!

It’s money versus life… When presented like that, the solution seems so obvious… Yet heartbreakingly, the results are not.

Meir has already undergone three heart surgeries in the span of his short life. He’s unable to nurse or digest regular formula, and the only alternative is special baby formula that costs 3,000 ILS a month!

My husband and I are both on the verge of utter collapse. Physical collapse! Financial collapse! Emotional collapse! We have no means of affording this extra expense, let alone the surgeries

and I can’t bear the thought that a lack of funds will prevent us from giving Meir all that he needs to survive—to live!

Please! Open your heart to save Meir’s!

Every gift is enormously appreciated and brings joy to our hearts…

And when Meir gets older, I want him to know that I—and all of you—did everything we could to save him!

May you never know pain or sorrow or heartache, only happiness and joy from the heart!

Open your heart to save Meir’s! Click here>>>

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