July 21, 2024
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July 21, 2024
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‘All Mishnah App’ Released by OU for New Mishnah Yomi Cycle

For so many across the Jewish world, that name conveys an entire message. Users of All Daf and All Parsha, the two Torah platforms that have transformed the lives of so many, understand the magnitude of the revelation of a new All Torah platform.

Yes, it marks the rollout of a new free app that allows users to access the greatest Torah resources on the Mishnah with the most contemporary, technologically advanced user experience.

But the All Mishnah app and its accompanying website can be a destination even for those who have not been users of the previously released platforms.

“All Mishnah is a platform where anyone can find top-tier content on the Mishnah,” Rabbi Moshe Schwed, who heads the All Torah initiatives for the OU, shares. “Similar to All Daf and All Parsha, it features high-quality content in the most user-friendly format, giving users a one-of-kind experience when they use it. But perhaps most importantly, it can empower those learning Mishnah Yomi with the tools and resources they need to achieve their goal.”

Mishnah Yomi is a program in which participants learn two Mishnayos each day and complete the entire Shisha Sidrei Mishnah in less than six years. The new cycle of Mishnah Yomi has just begun this past Shabbos, December 25, and the release of All Mishnah comes just in time.

Mishnah Yomi has been a popular program for decades, but with the ever-growing enthusiasm around Daf Yomi, its Mishnah counterpart has seen an explosion of new participants. For some, the notion of a daf each day may seem overambitious, and they view Mishnah Yomi as a more sustainable undertaking. For others, including many Daf Yomi learners, Mishnah Yomi affords them the opportunity to learn the portions of Torah not covered in Talmud Bavli, including most of Zeraim and Taharos. Additionally, many see it as a chance to cultivate a Torah bond with their children, as two Mishnayos each day is an attainable goal for the younger generation as well, and it allows them to create a family experience of daily Torah learning. Whatever the motivation, Mishnah Yomi has given so many Torah learners a connection to thousands of others, across the globe, who are learning the same two Mishnayos as them each day.

“All Mishnah will open a path for learners of all levels to make daily Mishnah learning part of their lives,” explains Rabbi Moshe Hauer, executive vice president of the Orthodox Union.

All Mishnah can transform Mishnah Yomi for learners of all levels. Debuting at the beginning of the new six-year cycle, All Mishnah, and its multifaceted features, can enable Mishnah Yomi to become an attainable achievement for learners everywhere.

The core of the All Mishnah platform is the premier shiurim on each Mishnah, delivered by leading talmidei chachamim and noted speakers. Included on the roster of maggidei shiur are Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz, Rabbi Zecharia Resnick, Rabbi Joel Padowitz, with many additional shiurim currently in the pipeline, to be added in the coming months. Additionally, shiurim for children, delivered by Rabbi Fishel Schachter, are available through the Mishnah Reshonah system, which has been incorporated into the All Mishnah app. Another popular resource, Time 4 Mishnah, a part of the Time 4 Torah network, will be integrated into All Mishnah as well.

Considering that the Mishnah-learning demographic includes children, who would also benefit greatly from the resources of All Mishnah, a call-in phone line is available via Mishnah Reshonah (929 299 6700), allowing access to many of the platform’s benefits without the need for internet use. While the phone system has launched with limited content, the goal is to expand the system with time, to eventually contain content from across all the platforms.

Aside from the audio shiurim, the app will include the actual text of the Mishnah with a premium English translation. For this, the OU has been working with ArtScroll to bring the best in English Mishnah resources to All Mishnah, and app users will be able to access the Yad Avraham Mishnah by ArtScroll directly within the app.

While All Daf and All Parsha were created with the most cutting-edge technological advances, the new All Mishnah app has been completely remade, to assure that users experience the most up-to-date features and interface available. The player page has been entirely revamped, and numerous features, tailored for Mishnah learning, have been integrated into the app.

The app will include a daily Mishnah calendar, in which users will be able to keep track of their progress through the Mishnah Yomi program. This customizable feature allows one to easily remain organized and in control of their daily commitment.

One especially useful feature that is set to be implemented in All Mishnah, albeit not during the initial launch, is an interactive signup utility for yahrzeits or other initiatives. This feature will allow friends and family members to coordinate the learning of masechtos in someone’s memory, in an easily trackable registry within the app. Users will be able to mark their Mishnah as “done” when they complete their learning, and anyone who is part of the group will be able to track the progress toward the collective goal.

All Mishnah joins the venerable All Torah family of apps, which has been introduced last year but has already made an indelible impact on the Jewish world, becoming the go-to source for premium resources on Shas and the parsha—all completely free of charge.

The first app, All Daf, has over 50,000 downloads and 1.7 million hours learned, making All Daf one of the most popular Torah resources across the globe. All Daf is a one-stop destination for the Daf Yomi shiurim of the most sought-after maggidei shiur around the world, including Rabbi Moshe Elefant, Rabbi Sruly Borenstein, Rabbi Eli Stefansky, Rabbi Shalom Rosner, Rabbi Shloime Schwartzberg, Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz, Rabbi Zecharia Resnik, Rabbi Eli Mansour, and numerous others. Thousands of supplemental clips—covering history, background information, Navi, and halachic aspects of each daf, add clarity and a robust dynamic for learners of Daf Yomi. In addition to the audio and video content, thousands of pages of references and source material assure an excellent learning experience for anyone using the platform.

Earlier this year, OU premiered the second app, All Parsha, which, with nearly 20,000 downloads already, is quickly catching up to its daf counterpart. As a comprehensive parsha app, thousands enjoy its exclusive content, turning to the app or website to enhance their parsha understanding and prepare them for uplifting Shabbos table conversation. Among the internationally acclaimed speakers are Rabbi Yissacher Frand, Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky, Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Rabbi Moshe Hauer, Rabbi Daniel Glatstein, Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg and Rabbi Yaakov Trump. A special section of women speakers is very popular as well, featuring Mrs. Michal Horowitz, Esther Wein, Shira Smiles, Shira Hochheimer and others. New content is often added, such as the recent introduction of a weekly message by media personality Yisroel Besser, and the imminent addition of noted Mir Yeshiva maggid shiur Rabbi Moshe Ahron Friedman. Besides the content, the many useful features—including the widely heralded personal shnayim mikra tracker—have made the app the one-of-a-kind phenomenon it has grown to be.

All Mishnah, the third app in the family, builds on the success of the previous apps and is set to make waves in an almost uncharted field. With its prestigious speakers, first-rate resources and advanced features, it will quickly become the destination of choice for anyone learning a Mishnah.

Over time, the All Mishnah library is set to expand, eventually having a full line of shiurim and resources on the entire Shisha Sidrei Mishnah, allowing anyone learning a Mishnah to utilize the app in their learning. Currently, however, at launch, the primary focus is optimized around learners of Mishnah Yomi, giving them all the tools they need to become a part of the increasingly expanding membership of this pivotal program.

“Mishnah Yomi is a doable, easy commitment that can change a person’s life,” Rabbi Schwed concludes. “Whether it’s done independently, or as a companion to Daf Yomi, it has the power to give someone a sense of fulfillment in Mishnah learning, while feeling a connection to a greater Torah community, across communities and across continents. And now, with the launch of All Mishnah, being a part of this has never been more attainable.”

Download the new, free All Mishnah app, as well as the All Daf and All Parsha apps, from your app store, or visit allmishnah.org/yomi.

(Courtesy of OU) All Mishnah.


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