Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Business Spotlight

Project Ezrah’s Inaugural Job Fair Is a Success

(Courtesy of Project Ezrah) This past Tuesday evening was the Project Ezrah Inaugural Job Fair, and by the overwhelming response, keep your eye out for the next one.

There were 12 presenters with a combined number of over 100 jobs in various sectors, varying in requirements


Raising Money From the Dead

Raising money from the dead—well, it’s like raising money from the dead. Certainly a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. And, no, we do not refer to the days of Mashiach. We are talking about here and now. Truthfully, though, we raise money forthe dead and not from them.


Party Pooper or Prudently Prepared?

Equity investors have witnessed one of the most remarkable bull markets in memory. In the wake of the spreading global pandemic in early 2020, the stock market plummeted in one of the sharpest and most dizzying bear markets in history. Even in the early days of the economic shutdown, market participants were willing to look beyond the steep


Manage and Prioritize Your To-Do List

In a previous series, I laid out a 5-step productivity process for leaders, which I then turned into a Productivity Blueprint. (See my bio for how to access.) This post goes deeper on the first of the five steps, planning for maximal productivity.

Few productivity tools elicit divergent opinions as does


Edu-Together Academy Offers Excellent Online Learning

Online learning platforms have been implemented long before Zoom became an everyday word. For many students, choosing to learn virtually is the optimal choice, often providing greater academic success than the traditional classroom setting. Edu-together Academy, an engaging virtual school, is at the head


Improve Your Health and Wellness With Nutrition Transformations

Nutrition Transformations, an integrated healthcare practice located in Teaneck, provides comprehensive and strategic nutrition counseling, fitness training and wellness coaching, collectively intended to help clients become their best selves.

Jenn Chapler, founder of Nutrition


Ari Stein, of Stein and Stein: A Premier New York Collection Law Firm

Stein and Stein LLP is a premier New York collection law firm focusing on numerous aspects surrounding collection law. Established in 1981, Stein and Stein is family-owned and operated, focusing on several issues including: debt collection; litigation; judgment enforcement; actions for the collection of fees owed to various types


Bow + Hearth Jumpstarts Business With Strategic Marketing

Marketing today requires expertise in technology along with creativity. The Bow + Hearth team has 20 years of experience analyzing and creating marketing campaigns. They know what works and what doesn’t. Data alone doesn’t equal success. It’s not enough to produce reports with impressive-sounding metrics, CPMs, Share of Voice


Fundraising in the Year 2075

I am not a crystal ball gazer, but, sometimes, it is fun to prognosticate. It has been a hobby of mine to predict future trends that could change the field of development. My accuracy, however, is wholly contingent on how influencing factors come together. Let’s have some fun with my predictions.


Crowdfunding Event for TJE

(Courtesy of TJE) Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

What if there was a way to make more of the community not just self-sufficient but thriving as well?

Many entrepreneurs have talent that’s just


‘Aim Hire’ Aims to Find Employment for Job Seekers

We often hear the mantra, “Gam Zeh Ya’avor” (This, too, shall pass). As the light at the end of the long COVID tunnel approaches, we are beginning to experience just that. People are gradually returning to the workplace, whether to former jobs or new jobs as businesses grow and develop once again. Unfortunately, there are


60/40 Hindsight: Is It Time to Reconsider One of the Key Tenets of Portfolio Management?

For many decades, investment professionals have embraced the 60/40 investment strategy for clients, hoping to achieve strong and steady long-term returns. While returns on stocks have generally bested returns on bonds, the higher volatility of the stock market has caused advisors to search for asset classes that can help buffer the negative

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