Saturday, June 03, 2023

Cake Boss meets kosher, for kids and teens! This August, the all-new Cake and Co., located on Queen Anne Road in Teaneck, NJ, will be offering four week-long classes for boys and girls, ages 9-12. This is the perfect activity for kids just back from camp, or for those looking to venture into the art of cake decorating in their free time. The classes will focus on the techniques involved in decorating cakes, using fondant, making buttercream,piping, shaping and trimming cookies, and making cupcakes. Participants do not need prior experience, only a strong desire to learn, and can request to focus on specific areas of skill training.

There will be a maximum of six participants in each class, with two shifts per day, four days a week. A new course will be offered each week beginning August 6th, for the duration of the month.  Each class will be three hours long, and a light breakfast or lunch will be served to the students.

The classes will be taught by renowned pastry chef Krystina Gianaris, owner of Cake and Co., a custom cake boutique, that delivers high-end cakes to the most discerning customers. Gianaris studied at Carlo’s Bakery and the Pink Cake Box, in addition to obtaining a pastry arts degree. Krystina also worked in day-camp and is experienced at handling and managing children.

“There has been a strong desire in the community to offer kosher cake-decorating courses,” Gianaris said, while spreading pink frosting on a cake made to look like a designer purse.  “And kids are looking for formal training in the art of pastry decorating.” Gianaris and Cake and Co. were a perfect fit for this opportunity.

Gianaris also used to teach similar classes at Michael’s, but says her courses will be different. “I plan on making this more personalized and less structured, and kids can offer input as to what interests them most.” All participants will take home a complete 7-inch fondant covered cake, cookies, and cupcakes, as well as a Cake and Co. tote-bag, t-shirt, and supplies that can be used to decorate cakes at home. Some kosher materials will be available for direct purchase after the session as well.

As Krystina breeds another generation of future Cupcake Wars participants, parents need not feel jealous.  “This coming fall, we’ll be offering nightly classes for adults.” Stay tuned to hear about the schedule in September.

Sarah I. Abenaim is a freelance writer, living in Teaneck.  She is working on her first book.  For more of her essays, please visit www.writersblackout.wordpress.com.

By Sarah Abenaim

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