Thursday, July 09, 2020

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“We pride ourselves on differentiation,” said Rimona Hornung, founder and owner of MOPS Wigs in Hillside, “and looking at the whole person. I love meeting new people and helping them find the right wig for them at an affordable price. Affordability is a key part of our business model as prices of wigs are climbing at a rapid rate.”

MOPS Wigs takes its cues from its owner. The shop sports an energy that women may not expect but will instantly love. Hornung and her employees are quick to welcome both shoppers and browsers alike.

“If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we understand. We take the time to get to know you, so if our current inventory isn’t what you want, please call back in two weeks, or four, or whenever. Never feel like you didn’t buy anything so you can’t ever come back. You are always welcome,” said Rimona.

Adding to the warmth that shoppers instantly feel upon entering the salon, Rimona makes every effort to learn about her clients’ lives, noting, “We want to know what’s worked or not worked for you in the past. We ask what you do for a living. Why? Well, if you’re a play therapist on the floor with kids all day, a pony tail style might work better for you.” Perhaps that depth of customer service is the social worker in her coming out, but it has certainly been successful. Combining her educational and professional training with her love of hair and accessories has created a salon that provides a true wig-seeking experience, rather than merely a shopping trip.

Rimona has found her social work background helpful with respect to her broad clientele. “I worked in hospitals as a social worker, and I often receive clients recommended to me out of medical necessity,” she explained, referring to patients who choose to cover their heads due to chemotherapy-related hair loss, alopecia, trichotillomania or other reasons. “Many of the same standards apply in these cases. Discretion and sensitivity are a given.”

MOPS Wigs started eight years ago, almost as a lark, when Rimona decided to try helping a few friends find new owners for their gently worn, but good quality, wigs. Word spread, and other women began to approach her to find new homes for their wigs and, suddenly, Rimona was the founder of a wig consignment business. She chose the name “MOPS” because, as she always says, “Someone’s old ‘mop’ might be someone else’s treasure.”

“Many of my customers are people in the market for a new wig, but they could not visualize styles on a raw piece,” Rimona notes. “At MOPS they are able to come in and try on different styles, cuts and colors. Precut wigs help our customers feel confident in making an educated decision that they are happy with.”

MOPS has been so successful that the business has expanded beyond gently worn wigs. The salon now carries new wigs as well as consigned wigs and offers full wig services on site. MOPS offers wig washing, coloring, repairs and styling on the premises. Rimona is also the exclusive New Jersey distributor for Tashtari accessories from Israel, and travels around the country to expand her business connections and sell her wares. MOPS has traveled to St. Louis, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles and Memphis. Business has grown to the point where Rimona’s sister Karni Goldfield opened a MOPS full-service salon in Toronto.

Rimona emphasizes, “We want this to be as accommodating as possible, with whatever someone needs to make the experience relaxed and positive.” She even allows husbands and children to come if requested. “We always advise customers to bring a friend or even a spouse with you, if that is what you need to complete the decision. And to come back as often as needed to make a decision you are happy with. We will never rush or pressure you. That is not our way.”

For those new to MOPS’ consignment process, Rimona notes that since it is a quality consignment shop, all consigned wigs should be only gently worn and in excellent condition, with no bald spots, split ends or rips.

The MOPS experience is intended to be one where women have the opportunity to get a quality wig at an affordable price. “We’ve all bought wigs that weren’t meant for us,” Rimona said. “Let’s take these wigs and makes them available to others.”

Visit www.MOPSwigs.com or follow them on Instagram @mopswigs or Facebook under “Mops Sheital Consignment Shop” for a full list of sheitels and upcoming sales. Follow MOPS in Toronto on Instagram @mopswigstoronto or Facebook at Mops Wigs Consignment Toronto, or call Karni at 647-894-1836. For more information, please call Rimona directly at 646-270-4058.

By Jenny Gans