Monday, March 27, 2023

“We know about smart missiles. They zero in on their target. We now have smart molecules, the Tomahawk missile for aging.” This is the claim of Meir Diyen, founder of H&D Cosmetics, a company that manufactures quality Italian skin care products at affordable prices.

Diyen has been in the fashion and jewelry business for over 20 years and has amassed a wealth of knowledge about what makes people feel good about themselves. He traveled the world and stays aware of what clients like and dislike. He knows that as much as anyone accessorizes and beautifies, they still always focus on their skin.

When a friend approached him about the opportunity to bring this Italian technology to the United States, Diyen knew this was an opportunity for him. This product worked like nothing he had ever seen before and he knew he had to bring it to his clientele. “Anyone who has tried this product sees results like they have never seen before,” said Diyen.

Passionate and enthusiastic about this wonder product, Diyen explained the difference between H&D Cosmetics and the other anti-aging products already available. “Many other products are applied onto the skin, and that’s where they sit,” he said. “Using biotechnology, the ‘smart molecules’ of H&D’s products target the cells that need to be repaired.” Many who regularly use standard moisturizers can appreciate this miracle of science. Who doesn’t know the feeling of putting on a lotion, only to have slimy-feeling hands the rest of the day?

Additionally, using science to their advantage Diyen explained that while many lotions and serums may contain peptides, the peptides in H&D are specially formulated for the body to recognize them as natural and accept them, rather than reject them, which often occurs in laboratory-formed ingredients.

“Our products work to combat aging in two ways,” Diyen said. “First, it prevents cell damage at the molecular level. Then, it helps reverse damage that has already occurred in other cells.” Another benefit this line offers that typical anti-aging products do not is the fact that H&D does not increase risk of sun damage to the skin. Many products containing retinol or similar active ingredients cause a slight chemical peel, making the skin much more prone to sunburns and, ironically, much more susceptible to the damage that leads to signs of aging. Luckily, with H&D that is not a concern due to their cutting-edge technology. Though younger-looking skin can be seen in as few as three days, for full benefits, the regimen should be followed for 28 days. “Be patient,” Diyen urged. “The results will come.”

This skin care program is the only one of its kind in the United States. While there is another company using the same molecular biotechnology in their serum, their prices are nearly three times what H&D costs.

With the fountain of youth finally a reality, Diyen wants to make this product available to everyone, and he is using direct-marketing sales methods to get the word—and the product—out. By recruiting salespeople, or ambassadors, to run small get togethers in various locations, groups can gather to learn more about the product, try it out and hopefully purchase. He knows that one of the hesitations people may have with a direct-marketing model is the potential awkwardness when someone is unhappy with the product, but he knows this will not be the case with H&D, since anyone who has tried it out has come back thrilled with the results, whether they use just one product from the line, or the entire regimen.

With cleanser, serum, filler and a face mask, this may seem daunting but Diyen knows that anyone who uses H&D will see some level of benefit.

To learn more about this science breakthrough visit www.HDInnerLight.com. With a hugely successful product and the most generous compensation package of any direct-marketing model, ambassadors find their role fulfilling and lucrative. H&D support is constantly available for help and they provide extensive training. To apply as an ambassador visit the “Contact” page on the website.

By Jenny Gans


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