Saturday, March 25, 2023

Fair Lawn—There’s nothing bow-ring about this business! Even when dress codes and uniforms are the norm for school, a stylish bow lets girls express their individuality. Yeshivat Noam fourth graders Sarah Wasserman and Nesya Bayewitz love their hair bows and accessories but found the price astronomical. The ever-popular JoJo bows (made famous by 13-year-old JoJo Siwa of reality show Dance Moms) can cost upward of $17. “All they are is a piece of ribbon, and this is what they cost?” wondered Wasserman and Bayewitz. Being resourceful 10-year-olds, the girls bought ribbon and made their own bows.

Once friends saw the new bows in school, everyone wanted one, too. While Wasserman and Bayewitz had originally intended just to make bows for themselves as an affordable accessory, they saw a business opportunity and moved forward. With a special introductory offer of just a dollar a bow, friends rushed to get these bow-tiful accessories. Even with their business in full swing the bows only cost $4, which is quite a savings.

These enterprising young ladies are enthusiastic about their bow-tique offerings and are constantly expanding the choices. As true technology natives, they even post a how-to video on their website for anyone who wants to learn how to tie their own hair bows. “What’s so impressive is not just the fact that they make bows,” said their teacher, Deena Lewin, “but the way they saw a need for affordable bows and worked to fill it.”

Recently Bayewitz and Wasserman expanded into affordable headbands as well. They made a sample of baby headwraps and quickly sold out. Soon girls’ headbands will also be available to purchase. All headbands will be affordably priced at $5 or under.

With a selection of bows perfect for camp and school—from denim to tie dye—as well as dressier bows for Shabbat (think glitter and polka dots), there is something for everyone.

Visit the entrepreneurial bowmakers on their website https://sandnbows.wixsite.com/website and feel free to contact them with any questions. They are energetic about the business and eager to help.

By Jenny Gans


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