Saturday, March 25, 2023

Let’s face it. Nobody means to max out on their credit cards. Or find themselves in debt. Or discover that when they need capital for a new business or family simcha they don’t have good-enough credit. It just seems to happen.

Pomona residents Ilan and Bari Weizman realized that too many good people were finding themselves in impossible credit situations. “To many it seems like we’re living on borrowed money,” says Ilan. “‘Come and get it; it’s easy for you to have.’ And then come the charges on the credit cards and then come the collection agencies with their endless harassment. I really felt there had to be a solution and there had to be a way to help people get over this hump.”

He realized that too many people were falling for the trap of what seemed like free money. What they weren’t realizing was that the banks and credit card companies hedge their bets that at some point people will overextend themselves, and when that happens there are late fees and overdrafts. Ilan refers to this as “credit prison.” As he explained to The Jewish Link, “We started this business to help people. We are not a bank and we’re not a credit union. But we can help you get out of debt, consolidate your debt or simply help improve your credit rating.”

NexGen Credit Solutions offers a number of credit solutions, depending on the particular situation. Each client receives a customized plan specific to their individual needs. Some of the services the company offers include: credit navigation, debt elimination, capital maximization, negotiations with creditors, debt and collection settlement, credit report inaccuracies repair, balance pay-off and debt consolidation. The team of dedicated professionals is committed to helping you take control of your financial situation and unlock your credit potential.

To start, they look at a client’s credit report. They evaluate the client’s creditworthiness based on detailed bank and creditor history. Then, through their proven methods, they simplify the process of maximizing the client’s credit credibility. If the client is in debt, they work with the client to reduce the monthly expenses by replacing higher interest rates with lower ones, which then allows the client to pay down their debt faster. Sometimes they will provide a client with the funds to pay off their loan at low interest rates to help the client get back on their feet, improve their credit rating and then work out a better payment plan without going broke. They also work with each client to maximize the amount of credit available to them. Other benefits of working with NexGen Credit Solutions include higher credit limits, which in turn means access to more capital with higher credit limits; higher approval rates on credit cards; lower mortgages and loan rates; and overall lower monthly interest rates.

A client might not be in debt but simply need money for a mortgage refinance, a kitchen remodel or a wedding. “I help people acquire the money they need, when they need it, with nearly two years interest-free,” said Ilan “I want to help people make the most of their current credit availability, have their credit work for them, while also building a strong foundation for a brighter future with their credit.

“Companies who are profiting from the interest you pay are not going to give you an easy out. And now no other bank will give you a loan. You’re overextended. Maxxed-out. You’re stuck. It’s a great feeling helping people get out of their ‘credit prison’ and move on to a brighter future. With lower interest rates and more control over their money they can move forward with their lives instead of bleeding money on interest.”

Before you go on an interview, you make sure your suit looks good and your resume represents you well. Ilan and Bari do the same for your credit rating. “We put a suit on your credit report and make you look as presentable and desirable as possible in the eyes of the creditors.” Good credit can save a person tens of thousands on a 30-year mortgage, an auto loan or any large-sum loan.

What are some things that can affect a credit report? Ilan told The Jewish Link it can be as simple as erroneous misspellings of your name, various addresses on file and, of course, negative history such as missed payments, collections—even having too many inquiries. His company has a team of professionals dedicated to credit repair. And once the credit report is better, their clients can go to the bank and ask for that loan. And get it. As the Weizmans say, “It might seem impossible, until it’s done.”

To learn more about NexGen Credit Solution or to schedule a free consultation, visit www.nexgencreditsolution.com, email [email protected] or call 212-715-0800.

By Sara Kosowsky Gross


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