Friday, June 02, 2023

Teaneck resident Chaim Kiss and his business partner Meir Jeret recently started a social media business called Social Media Guru 365. Social Media Guru 365’s niche is that in addition to running businesses’ social media accounts, including their Instagram and Facebook pages, they also create a Facebook group for them. “Facebook groups can’t get bad reviews,” said Jeret. “What’s different about a Facebook group, in comparison to a Facebook page, is that we can moderate everything that goes onto a group. This is really valuable to clients because they want to be able to see everything that’s posted on the group beforehand.”

Five years ago, Jeret got started in social media while dabbling in photography. After shooting events, he would share his pictures on local Facebook groups, which led to more opportunities. As his reputation and followers grew, he realized the power of social media and decided to create Social Media Guru 365 with Kiss.

Jeret and Kiss became partners in an unconventional way; they first met at a shiva house. When Kiss arrived at the shiva house, he heard Jeret talking about social media and was intrigued. Kiss has been involved in sales his whole life and has always had an interest in social media. Kiss, who also has previous experience working at The Jewish Planet, began talking to Jeret about the topic. One thing led to another, and they became business partners. Jeret even noted he met his fiancé on social media.

Social Media Guru 365 currently provides their services to over 100 businesses. Some of their Facebook groups include Jewish Buy/Trade/Sell in the Tristate Area, which has over 10,000 members; Jewish Looking for Jobs; and Worldwide Jewish Dating.

Social media is essential for any business to succeed in this day and age. In order for people to find out about what a business offers, they look to social media. On Facebook or Instagram, people are easily able to find out basic information about different companies, along with their advertisements and special deals. “[Secular] papers are going extinct because people are putting it all on social media,” stated Kiss.

“When someone goes around, knocking on people’s doors, trying to sell them something, how many people’s doors can one knock on?” said Jeret. “Through a social media campaign, one can reach over a quarter of a million people.” Jeret explained that the number of people one can reach through social media is exponential. He described how businesses want reach new and fresh eyes; they want people to keep on talking about their business to friends.

“When people read a newspaper, they only read the advertisement or article once and barely ever share the article with friends,” continued Jeret. “On social media, businesses keep on running advertisements; there will be multiple blasts about something, and by the seventh time someone sees something, it will finally register with them. Also, people are constantly sharing information with all of their friends on social media.”

Social Media Guru 365 offers different social media packages for a four-month subscription period. There are three packages to choose from at the prices of $1250, $2000 or $5000 per month. The packages include various services such as Facebook Groups & Pages, which have guaranteed leads; Social Media Contests; Weekly Website Promotions; 50-75+ Targeted Groups (estimated 20,000- 35,000 reach); Daily Content Postings, Social Media Analytics; Security & Moderation of Groups; and Facebook/Instagram Page Maintenance. They also offer email blast packages. To find out more about the packages they offer, one can visit Social Media Guru 365’s website: http://socialmediaguru365.com or call 201-970-7687.

By Miri Wagner

 Bergenfield’s Miri Wagner is a Queens College student and a summer intern at The Jewish Link.


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