Friday, June 02, 2023

(Courtesy of Nexgen Credit Solutions) For those having difficulty with credit, Nexgen Credit Solution has the answers. Meet a few of our satisfied clients and see how we helped them, and how we can help you.

Meet Joel:

Joel is a young, ambitious entrepreneur who started his own sanding company. He had a little money saved up and received an inheritance that allowed him to purchase equipment and pay for some labor and marketing as well as other startup costs. He was very excited because business was good. Jobs were coming in and he was receiving contracts. The one issue Joel was running into was cash flow. The money would not be hitting their account for three months. Joel just started a new family and he needed money to support their everyday needs. Joel did not want to take on a partner and give up equity; he didn’t qualify for the small business loan and the other loans on the market were just too high. Joel found another solution with Nexgen. He was able to obtain a line of credit, which gave him peace of mind until he received payment from his client.

Are you facing the same common business hurdles as Joel? We may have a solution for you.

Meet Rebecca:

She was recently divorced from her husband of 15 years. Rebecca’s husband took care of all the finances. When Rebecca was embarking on her new independent journey, she discovered that the 15 years of credit she thought had been built was just not the case. She was starting a new life, which meant starting to build credit as well. Rebecca did not know where to start. She was already trying to pick up the other pieces of her life. Credit was not on the top of her list; however, she knew it was critical if she wanted a fresh start. Rebecca hired Nexgen Credit Solution and they helped her repair her credit as well as build it up again. No lender was able to take advantage of Rebecca and her situation. She took control of her credit and her life all at the same time.

Do you need support and help with your credit? Give us a call.

Meet David:

David was a recent college graduate of a top-rated university. He was smart, driven and eager to take on the world. He got good grades in school and landed a promising job straight out of university. David grew up in a middle-income home and the concept of credit was not new to him. Leaving university, David had a few student loans, and a student credit card that carried a balance from books, minimal entertainment and some food. David always paid all of his bills on time. David was shocked to find out that his credit score was not what he expected. In fact, he was denied in his first attempt in leasing a car and his landlord required an extra deposit for his rental apartment. This is not what he expected after graduating from college and having a good job. What was the problem and what was his solution? David needed a longer credit history, less utilization and more secured credit. David contacted Nexgen and they helped him build his credit in 30 days, boosted his score 30 percent and got him the lease he needed at the right price.

Are you or your recent college graduate experiencing the same issue? Contact us.

Meet Zoe:

She recently graduated from college and had been working her tail off to pay back those student loans, earn money towards buying a house and pave the life for herself she always dreamed of as a kid.

Although Zoe’s parents and family taught her that working hard is the only way to get what she needs, no one prepared her for the economy and environment she was destined to grow up in. Unfortunately, she graduated during the time of the recession. Jobs were scarce and although she followed the book and did everything the world told her to do, to ultimately be successful as an adult, she needed some help. Zoe’s expenses were increasing but income was remaining the same. It didn’t matter how hard she worked; businesses were not giving raises or bonuses like they used to. She constantly felt that she was trying to keep her head above water, which was not the life she had imagined. Sound familiar?

What did Zoe do? She took matters into her own hands. She called Nexgen Credit Solution to help her get what she needed to start her own business without relying on the banks. She knew she needed a smart way to be able to live the life she had always dreamed of. Be the next Zoe and pave your way to success by working smart. We have solutions for you. Take matters into your own hands and call us.

To contact Nexgen Credit Solution, call 212-715-0800, email [email protected] or visit their website at www.nexgencreditsolution.com.


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