Saturday, January 28, 2023

Assaf Amos holds dual certifications: He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) as well as a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC). In his role as the director of the Giant Steps Program at Carepoint Health, based at Hoboken University Medical Center, he works with a wide variety of adolescents and adults seeking mental health treatment and specializes in addiction counseling.

While continuing in his capacity as director of the Giant Steps Program, Amos recently launched a private practice in Teaneck—Amos Center for Wellness and Recovery, across from Holy Name Hospital. A Teaneck resident for 12 years, Amos feels strongly that his combined mental health and substance abuse treatment experience will serve as a vital resource in the local community. Through his practice and his planned extensive outreach to schools, shuls and local organizations, he hopes to raise awareness among parents, school personnel and community leaders of the warning signs of substance use as well as the risk and dangers associated with substance abuse.

“Let’s tackle the problems head on before they escalate into serious addictions. Let’s identify mental health warning signs and deal with them proactively. Let’s not push the problems aside until they are irreversible due to serious harm or death. Let’s remove the stigma associated with mental illness and substance abuse issues,” urged Amos.

Amos was part of the first cohort of social workers to acquire the educational requirements needed to obtain LCADC licensing through Rutgers University. New Jersey is very much behind dual licensing, as it has been proven that people with substance abuse or addiction issues often have underlying mental health issues. Rather than refer them out to other clinicians, the diagnosis and treatment
provided by one clinician has proven more successful on the road to recovery. This holistic approach addresses the challenges behind the substance abuse and deals with them before substance abuse escalates.

As part of his services at Giant Steps. Amos is involved in early intervention with youngsters aged 10-17. He oversees afterschool programs, partial hospitalization programs, relapse-prevention programs and transition back-to-school programs. His services for adolescents and adults deal with mental health issues including anxiety, depression, panic and mood disorders, ADHD and others.

A native of Staten Island, Amos attended the Jewish Foundation School and JEC in Elizabeth for high school, and spent two years learning in Israel. Seven years ago, he realized that his true calling was helping people make healthy changes in their lives. Shortly after earning his LSW, he catapulted into the directorship of Giant Steps. “When I can witness a client making positive changes in their life it is nothing less than breathtaking,“ attested Amos.

Assaf and his wife, Stephanie, are blessed with five children ranging in age from 2 to 14. They daven at Congregation Shaarei Orah.

Please contact Assaf Amos at [email protected] for further information and to arrange for private counseling.

By Pearl Markovitz


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