Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Teaneck—A quick drive down West Englewood boasts an eye-catching change. Pink and white stripes—reminiscent of an old-fashioned candy store—adorns the outside of World of Goodies. Of course, most people living in Teaneck are already familiar with this store. But the new awning stands out in a bright, fun way, and makes it even easier to find those favorite treats.

An easily recognizable storefront is just one of many ways Joel Schiff is making shopping at World of Goodies a customer-focused experience. “Whatever my customers want, I can try to make it happen,” he said, describing a customer-oriented business model, “and our prices are competitive—no need to schlep to Monsey.” With previous experience in the food-packaging industry, Schiff was looking to start in retail. “I have always liked meeting people. I enjoy the interactions.” Using his connections in the food industry, he brings a vast selection and the lowest prices to customers.

“We have already added a Jelly Belly display, and brought in new dispensers filled with color-coded candies,” said Schiff. “Our prices are comparable to Brooklyn and Monsey, and we are fixing up other displays, with more changes coming in the next few weeks, too.”

World of Goodies invites the curious candy-minded shopper to come and check out this store. With a vast selection of items for different occasions, non-profits, businesses and other organizations can feel comfortable approaching World of Goodies to partner in their goals. They participates with many of the school discount cards and also offer bulk discounts, as well as discounts for shuls, party planners and schools. Besides the obvious baby boy or baby girl candy choices, as well as bar and bat mitzvah candy platters, they also do corporate gifts for businesses of all sizes.

Schiff is constantly on the hunt for new and different candy and confections, and his own enjoyment of candy and nosh keeps him looking out for, and bringing, these treats to World of Goodies. Noticing everyone’s enjoyment of personalized edible giveaways at parties, World of Goodies now offers personalized chocolate and personalized cookies. Whether a chocolate lollipop, an individually wrapped cookie or even a personalized chocolate bar, these are very popular at parties. In an effort to make the simcha experience easier for customers, they also offer personalized giveaways such as water bottles, bags, boxes and other party favors. The elegant confections are not limited to North Jersey; World of Goodies will also ship all over the United States.

World of Goodies has a full line of halva logs in stock that can be bought by the log or by the slice. These sweet confections are both tasty and visually appealing, and are often sought after for a Shabbat kiddush. In addition, as gourmet popcorn continues to take the confection world by storm, the store carries many brands of gourmet popcorn as well as his own concoction. The mouthwatering smell of fresh popcorn makes it hard to resist “our own unique recipe,” Schiff insisted, and the brightly colored packaged popcorn platters make a delicious and aesthetically pleasing gift.

As nut allergies continue to be an issue, especially in a candy store, the staff of World of Goodies went out of their way to find nut-free chocolate coins and stock them in the store for Chanukah so everyone can enjoy the classic treat. In addition, customers should be aware that the containers are reused for the same item, meaning jelly beans will not be in a container that was just used for nuts. In the event that anything is changed around, the candy containers are cleaned thoroughly.

Now with Chanukah around the corner, the candy display is already in the window and looking Chanukah ready. With gourmet Le Chocolat wrapped in menorah- and dreidel-stamped foil, individually wrapped fancy Chanukah cookies, a special Chanukah decorated box of Jelly Belly candies and even oodles in a dreidel-shaped pouch, Chanukah is in the air at World of Goodies.

Everyone is encouraged to stop by the newly redecorated World of Goodies, where “It’s a sweet world after all,” and even those who have visited recently stop in again as more changes take place daily. Now open Motzei Shabbat from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., offering free delicious popcorn with a minimum purchase, there are many new wonderful experiences for the World of Goodies fan. World of Goodies is located at 198 W Englewood Ave, Teaneck, or follow them on Facebook.

By Jenny Gans


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