Saturday, January 28, 2023

Sruli Loewy, a 21-year-old MTA graduate from Fair Lawn, has found his footing in the IT industry through his company SrulTech Solutions LLC. Providing consultations and repairs to customers in Bergen County and surrounding towns, Loewy works with a wide range of general technology such as phones, tablets and computers. Determined to ensure that all of his customers have a smooth and easy experience working with him, Loewy operates under the premise that only the best is good enough.

According to the SrulTech Solutions’ website, the company is described as “a general technology repair and consulting firm for home users and small to midsize businesses.” The website goes on to explain that “we specialize in providing 100 percent customer satisfaction on all our services, which include troubleshooting (Windows and Macs), virus removal, blue screen of death, slow/unresponsive system, hardware upgrades and data recovery among others.” Working and providing repairs for such a wide variety of technology, what separates SrulTech Solutions from other IT companies is that it “can give you the level of professionalism you have been looking for and a level of service that is unmatched. We can also assure you of high quality, fast and efficient IT services.”

Whether opening up a computer to look inside for the problem or simply running diagnostics, Loewy approaches each case as a project that requires full attention and effort.

“I don’t just take a device into the shop, fix it and then hand it back,” Loewy shared in an interview with The Jewish Link. “I make it a point to call my clients and really explain what the issue was, what was causing it and what steps were taken to resolve it. I steer away from using IT jargon, and instead try to explain things as clearly as possible so that they come away from the experience knowing everything that was going on.”

Loewy created SrulTech Solutions while he was still a student in high school. While things started slowly due to his educational commitments, since graduating he has devoted his full time and effort to making the company a success. Regarding his starting so young, Loewy explains that he always knew he wanted to do something in life that was in a field for which he had passion.

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved to mess around with electronics,” Loewy explained. “That’s what I am; I am a tinkerer. Give me a broken computer and I’ll be happy all day making it work again. I love to find out what’s wrong with things and then come up with ways to fix them. This was where my love for problem solving started.”

Continuing on through life, Loewy credits the nurturing environment provided by his parents and school for helping and allowing him develop his talents and passion. By the time he was a junior at MTA, he’d already become very adept at his repairs.

“What I realized is that the more I used [the skills], the more I began to know about them,” Loewy shared. “When I’d be sitting around and listening to people talking about technology issues they were having, I’d be able to figure out the fix for them just going off what they were describing. And I liked helping them. That’s what got the wheels rolling.”

A cousin of Loewy’s is also an IT consultant, and Loewy views him as a mentor. He shares that he learned a lot about complex operations from his cousin. Doing research on his own to better master the craft, Loewy says that his skills are something he really values due to how big a part of his life they are.

“Since it’s been a passion of mine since I was at a young age it really means a lot to me,” Loewy went on to explain. “Some people call it a knack, some people call it a hobby; I just see it as something I enjoy and want to spend time doing. If I can help people along the way that just makes it more awesome.”

SrulTech Solutions is open for business and ready to accept calls for help or repairs. If you are interested in seeking out the company’s services, you can reach them by phone at (201) 815-4410 or by email at [email protected].

By Adam Samuel

 Adam Samuel is a journalist from Teaneck. When he isn’t busy reading the daily news, he divides his time between managing his blog, adamssoapbox.blog, and gradually learning how to play piano.


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