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It may look like an invention from a sci-fi movie, but don’t let its futuristic looks fool you—the Magnesphere, an FDA-approved device that uses extremely low level magnetic fields to balance the nervous system is here today, promising patients relief from pain, inflammation, digestive issues, flagging energy levels and poor sleep associated with chronic stress. There are just seven of these unique machines in the greater New York area, one of which is located in the Monsey office of physical therapist Dr. Zvi Sternberg, PT, DPT.

After working extensively as a physical therapist at local residential facilities, Dr. Sternberg launched his own practice, TLC Physical Therapy of Rockland PC, over four years ago, but he soon outgrew his home office and relocated to a larger facility on Monsey’s Route 59. With a forward-thinking approach that seamlessly blends tried-and-true protocols with breakthrough technology, and expert male and female physical therapists working in private treatment areas to accommodate patients’ religious needs, Dr. Sternberg’s practice continued to flourish. A recent expansion to accommodate a larger number of patients also gave Dr. Sternberg the ability to purchase new machinery, including the Magnesphere.

Like an MRI, a Magnesphere uses magnetic resonance therapy to eliminate pain while treating numerous ailments and disorders, but the similarities end there. While patients often find enclosed MRI machines to be a claustrophobic experience, those undergoing Magnesphere treatment are seated in a comfortable chair in an open area during their hour-long session. Dr. Sternberg acknowledged that at first glance using magnetic fields to balance the nervous system may sound a little too good to be true but noted that the Magnesphere has an impressive 27 years of solid data bearing testament to its effectiveness.

“This is based on real science and while it may not be traditional at this point in time, that is only because it is new to the market,” Dr. Sternberg told The Jewish Link.

The Magnesphere works by targeting the autonomic nervous system, which is divided into two areas. The sympathetic branch of the ANS is what puts the body into “fight or flight mode” when stress arises, while the parasympathetic component regulates rest, digestion and other restorative behaviors. Chronic stress can keep the body in constant sympathetic mode, which ultimately can lead to chronic conditions, explained Dr. Sternberg.

“The Magnesphere balances the two parts of the nervous system, creating greater synchronization between them and once that happens, the body is able to heal itself,” said Dr. Sternberg.

Finding new ways to treat patients has long been part of physical therapy, according to Dr. Sternberg.

“The definition of physical therapy is a form of medicine that enables us to enhance patients’ well-being,” said Dr. Sternberg. “Anything that goes into that—manual soft tissue therapy, hands-on physical therapy, balance therapy, personalized home-exercise programs, electrical stimulation, laser—we do that. This is just another method of using science to get rid of pain.”

More than a one-size-fits-all solution, the Magnesphere has a variety of protocols and frequencies to address different concerns, with Dr. Sternberg and his staff determining the best one to use for each patient. Four to six Magnesphere treatments within a two-week period are recommended for optimal results and Dr. Sternberg is currently offering the first treatment free for all patients, with additional treatments through March priced at a discounted price. Patients who have been treated in the Magnesphere at Dr. Sternberg’s office have reported that they felt virtually no adverse effects during their session, with some finding themselves so relaxed they have actually fallen asleep.

To date, there have been no reports of anyone having a negative reaction to the Magnesphere, whose magnetic stimulation is just a fraction of the amount of the energy emitted constantly by the earth, according to the machine’s manufacturer, Magneceutical Health. Patients who have electrical stimulation devices implanted in their brains, epilepsy, congestive heart failure and poorly controlled chronic atrial fibrillation or high blood pressure should not receive Magnesphere therapy.

Because he has only had the Magnesphere for a few weeks, it is too soon for Dr. Sternberg to report any solid results, but the Magenceutical Health website features over 375 testimonials from patients who say that they have experienced relief from a variety of issues including arthritis, broken bones, fibromyalgia, headaches, neuropathy, sciatica and general pain and stiffness as well as problems affecting their knees, hips, shoulders and necks.

In addition to the Magnesphere, Dr. Sternberg has several other state-of-the-art machines that produce impressive results. The Biodex Balance System can detect the cause of balance issues and then run activities that can target and fix the problem, generating reports and analyses for both patients and doctors. Patients at TLC have also been benefiting from shockwave therapy delivered by the Zimmer, a sophisticated medical device that has been producing impressive results for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulders and other soft-tissue problems, shortening healing time from months to just several treatments.

“No matter how much new technology is introduced, it is important to remember that we don’t heal the body, Hashem does,” said Dr. Sternberg. “But once we take away those things that are disturbing the healing, the body should do what it is designed to do—get better.”

TLC Physical Therapy of Rockland PC is located at 368 Route 59, Suite 402, just west of College Road. For more information contact them at 845-538-5731.

By Sandy Eller

Sandy Eller is a freelance writer who writes for numerous websites, newspapers, magazines and many private clients. She can be contacted at [email protected]

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