Saturday, January 28, 2023

Professional event planner Sol Pearlman, of West Orange’s Make It Snappy, is bringing the latest in dining decor to the greater New Jersey area. Pearlman knows everything there is to know about events, and he brings exciting parties to his clients at a great price.

Families have been looking for another way to add extra style to their simchas. While chair covers have been a staple of formal events for years, Pearlman, the in-house event planner for B’nai Shalom of West Orange, decided to take the covers to the next level and customize them.

“We had a bat mitzvah recently where the theme and logo were all about basketball,” Pearlman said. “We printed her logo on the backs of the chairs and it really brought the room together.”

With Pesach approaching, the idea of personalized chair covers appeals to hosts on many levels. “We cover our tables, our counters—why not cover our chairs for Pesach, too?” said Pearlman, “And besides that, it’s just fun.” Families looking to embellish their chairs can enjoy the pristine and uniform look of the chair covers, and if they want a little pizzazz they can have that as well. Some customers chose to have a picture of a Seder plate on all the chairdrop covers, but the possibilities for customization are really endless. One chairdrop even printed “Chair reserved for Eliyahu HaNavi” for some Seder humor.

With everything done in-house, prices are competitive, and possibilities are only limited by imagination. “Pretty much anything can be done. Logos, monograms, phrases, even a photograph can be printed on the back of a chair,” said Pearlman.

With the chairdrops being machine washable, customers can enjoy the ease of use and the crisp look they will add to any table setup. Many families have multiple sets of folding chairs, and having all the different chairs covered in the same chair cover lends a formal look to the occasion. Currently, there are four styles of chair covers available: the standard folding chair, which is a popular style option since it enhances the look of the standard chair; the Lifetime brand folding chair; and either rounded or flat-top banquet-style chairs. Pearlman is working on getting a fifth style in stock—for dining room chairs. He also offers a “decorate your own” chairdrop project, where children can order their own coloring book design and color it directly onto their chairdrops to create their very own masterpiece, similar to the color-your-own placemats and challah covers of old.

As much as adults love the look and elegance of a chairdrop, they are also a big hit with the kids. The customized covers can become a conversation piece that the children ask about and discuss…and isn’t that what Pesach is all about?

Visit www.chairdrops.com or call 917-567-7383 for more information.

By Jenny Gans

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