Saturday, January 28, 2023

Cinch does it again. Brothers Ari and Josh Korman have prepared the perfect afikoman gift. Just in time for Pesach, Cinch is now offering a full selection of perishable items to complement their great selection of bulk-sized groceries from your favorite warehouse club stores.

“This week we’re starting to deliver perishable products,” Ari told The Jewish Link. “We’ll be offering fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy products and all of the great warehouse-club products and brands in our perishable department.”

Josh shared that “a lot of our customers have been asking for this. This is going to be a real game changer. We’ll be able to provide our customers with a whole new level of service.”

As customers prepare for Pesach, the Korman brothers are pleased to report, “We have a much larger selection this year than in years past. We’ve got everything from cleaning supplies to aluminum pans to raw ingredients. We have matzah and grape juice and all the basic items you might need. Our mother makes a great Pesach potato cholent. You’ll be able to get your potato cholent ingredients from us.”

“Another update shortly after Pesach is a referral program being introduced on the Cinch iPhone app,” Ari shared. “Word of mouth has been great and now we want to reward customers for referring new customers. There will be incentives both for our existing and the new customers when they sign up. The app is free and available in the Apple App store. We’re working on an update to the Android app but for now, Android customers should go to the website, which includes the same features and products as the Apple app.”

Josh added, “In addition to the app and the website, Cinch sends out weekly emails and posts to their Facebook page with new products, specials and coupons, so customers should check out all of these venues to see what’s new.”

As Cinch customers know, customer service is at the very heart of the Cinch business model. They offer great products and great prices from your favorite warehouse club stores. There are no membership fees, no minimum quantities to order and next-day delivery (if order is placed by midnight the day before) is always free. Their professional, courteous and friendly delivery men will put your items away for you wherever you tell them you want them. Whether it’s in the kitchen, in the basement or up in your third-floor walk-up. The same will apply to the perishable items as well. Ari quoted Jeff Bezos as saying “‘Our customers are loyal to us right up until the second someone offers them a better service.’ Cinch is that better service,” he said.

Unlike other delivery services, when you order from Cinch, you don’t have to be home to accept delivery. While they’ll bring the items into your home if you are home, if you’re not and you’ve ordered perishables, you can leave a cooler out and Cinch will put the items into your cooler, or you can order a cooler from them and they’ll leave the cooler where you tell them. If you go that route, you will receive a Cinch credit to offset the cost of the cooler.

Another differentiator is that Cinch never uses boxes and delivers your order right into your house. “Our customers appreciate not having to break down boxes and recycle them and also appreciate how environmentally friendly this option is,” Josh observed.

They deliver Monday-Friday and this year will be delivering all day the Friday before Pesach. Cinch currently delivers to Bergen and Passaic counties but there are plans to expand into other counties soon. In order to execute their vision for Cinch and expand rapidly, they are beginning a fundraising round. “This is an exciting time in a hot space; we have a unique model and platform to deliver a white-glove service experience for everyday items at good prices,” said Ari.

For more information visit www.cinchdelivers.com, call 347- 979-2418 or email [email protected].

By Sara Kosowsky Gross

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