Thursday, August 11, 2022

After teaching  music and movement classes incorporating Hebrew songs and Jewish themes for mothers and their little ones for ten years in Melbourne, Australia, Robin Aron, a young, vibrant, Orthodox Jewish woman, mother, professional singer, and early childhood educator, changed her life. She now uses her business experience to bring her many talents to mothers and their little ones (ages 6 months and up) anywhere they may be in the world.

Born in Los Angeles, Robin was part of the Jewish music scene from a very young age. At 13, she made aliyah with her family. In Israel, she gained an appreciation of the beautiful children’s music, an important part of Israeli culture.  She married an Australian, moved “Down Under,” and studied voice and early childhood education. Robin merged the two when she launched her business, “Robin’s Nest”—the business described above. Back then, there was nothing like it in Melbourne.

Robin now brings these unique classes online to Jewish children, wherever in the world they may be. Among her products are music tracks—new songs which she has composed and traditional tunes; puppets; musical instruments; movement scarves; an array of exciting props, and much more.

The Jewish holidays have episodes dedicated especially to them (our favorites!) Mothers may choose to enjoy the episodes with their children, while doing the activities with them, or they may choose to let them enjoy the episodes on their own, or with siblings and friends.

The educational and entertaining classes are streamed on the Robin’s Nest’s new website, www.RobinsNest.tv. Each week, a new, exciting episode will be released and available to stream directly onto computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones for babies and children to enjoy (perfect for preschool classes, too!).

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