Friday, June 02, 2023

Emily’s Services provides 24-hour caregiving services to the elderly and new mothers. The company was started by Avigail Rafael, after a chance meeting with a needy family in Borough Park, Brooklyn. She assisted the family, and her kindness was repaid as word spread of her innate ability to nurture and care for the elderly. She was contacted by friends, neighbors and strangers, all of whom needed assistance with elderly family members. However, she couldn’t help everyone alone, and started sending her friends and family members to care for others in Borough Park and Williamsburg. From there, Emily’s Services was born, and has been growing ever since with the help of its clients and caregivers.

Ellie, an employee who has been with Rafael from the beginning, said, “As a company, Avigail’s helping hand can help so many more people than she could alone.”

Within the first year, the company needed an office and additional workers, and it became a full-fledged business just over four years ago. Rafael hires caregivers and connects them to elderly individuals who require assistance. Her company provides short-term, long-term, 24-hour and hospital-stay assistance, and can accommodate most requests. The caregivers can help with housework, cooking, feeding, medicine and many other services as needed.

Most of the company’s caregivers are licensed and bonded, but other caregivers are available as well to meet a variety of client needs. References are available upon request. The company employs both male and female caregivers, enabling clients to request whatever and whoever makes them the most comfortable.

In addition to services for the elderly, Emily’s Services also provides baby nurses and night nurses to new mothers. The company works closely with Oseh Chesed in Brooklyn, which provides financial assistance to these mothers and their families. Rafael also has caregivers available to assist mothers after a baby’s brit milah.

If finances are an issue, the company connects the families with organizations that can help with funding so they can get the assistance they need.

Emily’s Services is now looking to extend its helping hand to Jewish communities in New Jersey. Rafael’s mission has been to help every family in need, and the positive feedback she has received is evidence she is succeeding.

“Thank you so much for the special care and warm touch. You always try to customize care for my mother’s needs; be it night or day, there is always someone you’ll send right away,” noted Mrs. Gottlieb, a client.

For more information, please email [email protected] Rafael can be reached at 347-387-0003 or 718-753-1214.

By Jill Kirsch


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