Tuesday, October 20, 2020

On June 12, between 7 and 10 p.m., Teaneck’s Avenue Event Space will be hosting the first-ever ‘Business for a Cause,’ a benefit dinner and networking event to help raise funds for Yedei Chesed, an organization that offers services and opportunities for the developmentally disabled. Helmed by The Power Entrepreneur, The Jewish Link and Yedei Chesed, the event will include an upscale buffet dinner, networking opportunities and a discussion panel talking about business and growth featuring Joe Apfelbaum, the CEO of Ajax Union and additional guests that will be announced at a later date. All proceeds raised from the event will be given to Yedei Chesed.

Yedei Chesed operates around the goal of providing the best opportunities and services to people with disabilities and their families. Their offerings include residential programs, day programs and family support coordination. They are also an advocacy group, continually fighting for and defending the rights of the disabled. According to their website, they are committed “to provide these individuals the opportunity for an improved quality of life and the potential for independence, inclusion, individualization and productivity.”


Jake Rosenberg is one of the co-founders of The Power Entrepreneur, which is a company that hosts monthly business events and strives to support budding and experienced entrepreneurs in their endeavors. Their efforts have helped a number of individuals make a name for themselves in the industry. Speaking with The Jewish Link in an interview, Rosenberg elaborated on why he wanted to help create the event and spoke about the importance of Yedei Chesed.

“As long-time supporters of Yedei Chesed, my business partner, Jacob Busani, and I had an idea to do an upscale business event that could support a good cause while also being an exciting networking opportunity,” Rosenberg explained. “This is going to be an upscale event with great food and a lot of interesting people to talk to. We’re really excited about the panel, and we encourage everyone to come out and support Yedei Chesed with us.”

In addition to its monthly business event, for over a year The Business Entrepreneur has hosted weekly podcasts discussing business models, interviewing prominent entrepreneurs and other such topics. The company is dedicated to its clients’ success, and for Rosenberg it’s giving back and supporting other organizations like Yedei Chesed that make his work worthwhile.

“We don’t choose how we’re born; God gives us children and they are special regardless of what they turn out to be like,” Rosenberg added. “For an organization to make it easier for these families to love their children and be able to provide them with a lifestyle where they can be involved and live a normal life, I just think that’s a very special thing. I believe Yedei Chesed is a really important organization, and I’m really proud knowing that we have an organization like that in our community.”

This event is open to the public but requires advance registration. To register or make a donation to Yedei Chesed, visit https://www.b4cevent.com/. Space is limited, so register early. To learn more about Yedei Chesed, visit https://www.yedeichesed.org/. Any questions about this event may be sent to Rosenberg at [email protected]

By Adam Samuel

Adam Samuel is a journalist from Teaneck. He blogs at adamssoapbox.com.