Sunday, June 04, 2023

Maya Yehezkel, a Hebrew teacher at Yeshivat Noam, is offering customized Hebrew tutoring for all levels of learning. Her background in education with an emphasis on Hebrew language has enabled Maya to teach Hebrew to a diverse clientele. Maya works with a wide range of students outside of school who require support in Hebrew language development and verbal communication. While it is part of the core curriculum at local yeshivot, some students find themselves unable to grasp the language from the classroom syllabus alone.

In addition to working with students in both middle school and high school, Maya specializes in helping businessmen who are working with Israeli colleagues abroad to better understand and speak Hebrew. Maya has a degree in economics with a minor in finance, which provides important insight into the language and concepts being used in business transactions. “Often I am asked by clients here in America to moderate a conversation with an Israeli associate so that there is complete transparency within the discussion,” she explains. She also helps with translating important emails and documents.

Maya is a valuable resource for people planning to make aliyah. “Understanding and speaking the language upon arrival in Israel is like having one foot in the door,” she said. “The transition can be quite challenging and speaking the local language can make the move a bit smoother.” Maya tutored a recent oleh from New Jersey this past year, who is continuing from Israel to study with Maya on Skype.

Originally from Jerusalem, Maya moved to America four years ago and is excited to share her love of the Hebrew language with her students. She believes the Hebrew language represents a significant part of Jewish culture and identity, and is therefore critical for Jews to learn. According to Maya, Hebrew language is one of the essential ingredients that can help to bind our Jewish communities together, strengthen our resolve as a people and increase our unity as a nation.

Maya, together with her family who are educators for the Ministry of Education in Israel, is working on developing a more comprehensive Hebrew curriculum for American schools, as they have done for Israeli schools. Her dream is to develop a Hebrew-language curriculum based on the successful Israeli curriculum, so that English speaking students can achieve Hebrew-language mastery more efficiently and develop a real love for the beauty of Hebrew.

Maya teaches Hebrew in a variety of formats including individual lessons, group lessons and Skype lessons. She works with clients at all levels and ages. If you would like support in Hebrew language or just want to improve your conversation, please email her at [email protected].

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