Monday, June 05, 2023

In a time where kids’ artwork has become increasingly centered around material themes, KidspirationArt is fighting back with wholesome, inspiring alternatives. Created by Marc Stein, along with his two daughters, Abigail and Rebecca, KidspirationArt offers a variety of artwork and designs that promote positivity and confidence. With mottos such as Be Humble and Be Thankful, the endeavor seeks to remind kids that self-worth is important and that they are capable of accomplishing whatever tasks they undertake.

KidspirationArt came into being after Stein was unable to find appropriate artwork to hang in his daughters’ bedrooms. After finding mainly motivational images that centered on money and materialistic things, Stein and his daughters decided to fill the void by creating their own. Currently they have a number of designs available on their site, many of the ideas for which have been thought of by Abigail and Rebecca. They worked with graphic designers to create their visions.

“KidspirationArt is all about giving kids a better mindset for themselves,” Stein shared with The Jewish Link. “When I was looking at motivational artwork for my daughters, what I found were things that wouldn’t really give them the inspirational push I was looking for. After talking with them, we had this great idea to make the artwork we’d been looking for ourselves. There’s real importance in it; [the art] is one of the first things a child sees after waking up, and having that reminder that they’re important and have value really matters and can make a difference in how they go about their day.”

Abigail and Rebecca are Yeshivat Noam students, ages 11 and 9, respectively. For Abigail, starting KidspirationArt was a way for her to inspire other kids to be their best selves. She uses her and her sister’s art to encourage positivity among her peers.

“I wanted to start KidspirationArt so that I can help other kids to remember that they can be themselves and be anything they want to be,” Abigail said. “I want other kids to push themselves to be as successful as possible and motivate kids of all ages every day. When I see the messages and the bright colors with the positive messages, it helps me have a better day.”

Rebecca echoed her sentiments, saying what she enjoys most about the art are the colors. “My favorite thing about KidspirationArt are the bright colors because they help remind me to always be happy with who I am, and help me remember all the good things in my life,” Rebecca shared. “The bright colors also make the words stand out, put a smile on my face and look great in my bedroom.”

In addition to the artwork already on the site, KidspirationArt is also a growing platform for other artists and graphic designers looking to add their own inspirational works to the brand. By getting in touch with Stein, users can share their own designs through the site. This includes artists who just have ideas for mottos or designs they’d like to share.

“One of the great things about KidspirationArt is that we’re always growing and accepting new artists looking to share their own inspirational works,” Stein added. “We welcome anyone looking to become affiliates, and we see what we’re doing as the start of building a community. Connecting artists with the mainstream masses can be a difficult and sometimes daunting task, but we try to take away that stress through our affiliate opportunity. We welcome all who are interested in sharing their work, and encourage them to reach out to us.”

In the coming months KidspirationArt will be launching a fundraising program platform for schools and organizations to be able to sell the art and help raise money for a campaign or for more programming.

If you would like to learn more about KidspirationArt or are interested in ordering their artwork, visit kidspirationart.com. Additionally, if you have any questions or would like to become an affiliated artist, email [email protected]


Adam Samuel is a journalist from Teaneck. He blogs at www.adamssoapbox.com.

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