Tuesday, May 26, 2020

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and The Village Therapy Place is here to help. Specializing in pediatric occupational and physical therapy, The Village Therapy Place treats mainstream kids and those with special needs in a warm, fun and comprehensive setting.

Faigy Szanzer and Debbie Horowitz are co-founders of The Village Therapy Place and share decades of experience treating kids. They believe in a whole-person approach to therapy, which helps them provide optimal services for each child that will maximize his or her ability to function at their highest potential.

Faigy, who graduated with a doctorate in physical therapy from Columbia University in 2006, has over 10 years of experience providing physical therapy services to children. “I’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to treat kids of all ages and stages, with diagnoses that range from simple orthopedic conditions to children who are medically fragile and have multiple disabilities; in all settings, schools, homes, clinics and camps,” said Faigy.

Over the years, Faigy has amassed advanced education and training in kinesiotape, craniosacral therapy, NDT, BrainGym and myofascial release, and has had tremendous success applying these services within her practice. She is grateful for her exceptional manual handling skills that enable her to treat clients with far better precision.

Beyond her credentials, Faigy believes the real path to success lies in the client-therapist relationship, which she takes great pride in developing with each child she treats. Faigy’s warm and friendly personality has no doubt contributed to the success of many of her clients. As a mother of six, she has mastered the science of parenting, a skillset she considers valuable to her professional self as well.

“My patients become part of my family,” said Faigy, who builds lasting relationships with her clients and their extended family. “Understanding that it takes a village, we aim to establish real connections with the people in each child’s village, helping to advance the child to be his or her best.”

Debbie Horowitz received her master’s degree in occupational therapy from NYU in 1990. Working in early intervention, mainstream schools and schools for children with special needs, Debbie has treated a wide range of motor, visual, cognitive and sensory deficits.

Debbie believes her 20+ years of experience has enabled her to look beyond a formal diagnosis to identify underlying weaknesses that are compromising function. According to Debbie, understanding the complete scope of the situation can add insight into the root of a problem and help determine how best to treat it. To this end, collaborating with parents, educators, doctors and other professionals involved in a child’s care is an integral component of Debbie’s treatment process.

Debbie’s in-depth understanding of the sensory system alongside her expertise in The Alert Program, Rhythmic Movement Training, Therapeutic Listening and Scool Moves enhance her ability to work with pre-school and school-age children who have sensory challenges that impact their functional abilities. Her ability to hone in on what systems are compromising function allows her to effectively identify the best treatment course for success.

When working with kids, Debbie believes it is essential to establish a rapport that will ensure each child feels safe and cared for. “I strongly value the relationships I develop with the children I treat and work hard to ensure that in addition to gaining skills, they gain confidence and are excited to participate in therapy,” said Debbie.

Debbie is committed to connecting with each client she treats while providing the highest quality care. “I love what I do,” said Debbie, who adds that the successes and the challenges that come with treating each individual child resonate with her on a very personal level.

Both Faigy and Debbie believe that their real life experiences have helped shape them into the therapists they are today: kind, friendly and talented. At The Village Therapy Place each child is offered the security of a caring provider alongside premier services, a truly winning combination.

Faigy and Debbie are offering a free consultation for anyone interested in having a child evaluated for PT or OT. The Village Therapy Place is currently located in Waldwick at 1 Gym For All. In addition to private therapy, they offer therapeutic group classes, allowing them to target skills that are best learned in a group, such as ball skills and social skills.

The Village Therapy Place plans to introduce speech therapy to their menu of services coming soon. The grand opening will be held on Sunday, February 9. For more information please visit www.thevillagetherapyplace.com.