Sunday, September 20, 2020

What comes to mind when you consider the word “serenity”? Do you picture an image of a place that is peaceful and calm, or even visualize yourself actually there? Do you hear the gentle sounds of soft music or nature, with a refreshing aroma wafting through the air? Do you sense a feeling that is secure, peaceful and calm? Imagine all of this filling your senses at the same time, in a place of quiet respite. Now add the professional touch of strong yet gentle hands as they soothe away the tension from aching or tired muscles.

According to Shoshana Rosencrantz, a New Jersey- and soon to be New York-licensed massage therapist, “serenity” takes on a whole new meaning in her massage therapy specialty practice for women, girls and children. Coaxing the body to come back into alignment with the mind, massage allows the two to reunite in awareness and relief, in an environment that saturates the senses with comfort and security.


In an interview with The Jewish Link, Rosencrantz described what she loves about her work. “Massage is more than relaxation; it creates a sense of safety where a person’s mind and body can also release trauma, anxiety, pain or grief. There is nothing more satisfying than a client rising from the massage table feeling rejuvenated, in less pain and with an overall sense of serenity.”

Rosencrantz has completed specialized training in the cupping technique, Swedish massage, reflexology and chair massage. She is also currently undergoing training to become a doula. In addition, she has trained in pre- and post-natal massage.

The calming touch of massage brings with it a universe of other benefits, reaching well beyond the massage itself. Rosencrantz emphasized the numerous advantages of massage that extend to many of the body’s systems. “Some of the physical benefits of massage include the improvement of range of motion and athletic performance, and stimulates circulation.”

She added, “The therapist’s touch itself plays a huge role, with the brain’s response initiating the release of endorphins, ‘the happy feeling,’ boosting one’s mood and mental health.”

Many are already aware of the stress relief provided by skillful massage. Rosencrantz reported that this relief also contributes to “enhancement of the immune system, better sleep, improved mood and reduced anger and irritability.” She further explained that many people integrate massage therapy into a regular health and wellness life plan. In other words, massage is not simply an indulgence for those who have the luxury of time and money, but holds significant potential as an important component of a healthy lifestyle and wellness planning.

Serenity Where Mind and Body Meet services is open to girls, children and women, with off-site services available upon request. Shoshana Rosencrantz is available for appointments by contacting her at 206-883-3700 or online: [email protected]

By Ellie Wolf