Friday, June 05, 2020

The Infusion Center of New Jersey (ICONJ) is poised to manage the new and unexpected demands of healthcare in the current and fluid environment of care. The manner of delivering healthcare to both COVID and non-COVID patients evolved at lightning speed over a period of a couple of weeks, and will surely continue to evolve and adapt in the weeks and months ahead.

ICONJ, already a leader in cutting-edge treatment technologies and care, has taken a further leadership role in shifting the care they have been providing for 35 years. Practically an institution, the home office in Clifton seamlessly shifted to enable the continuation of excellent quality and highly responsive care within the new standard required by sheltering at home. While “brick and mortar” medical offices are generally closed, ICONJ provides both telemedicine and home care as needed, by specially trained professionals who are screened for health and equipped with the mandated PPE (personal protective equipment.)

A new patient seeking seasoned professionals and care on the forefront of medicine will find both at the center. Dr. Gabriella Weiss is board certified in both internal medicine and infectious disease. Dr. Michael Weiss is board certified in internal medicine and cardiology. Dr. Jeffrey Weiss is board certified in internal medicine and regenerative medicine. The combination of specialties enables a patient to acquire treatment for many of the most common and frequent health conditions, without needing to seek and schedule care from multiple
practices or locations.

Further bolstering care, an initial telemedicine “virtual visit” includes up to five acute issues, including an assessment and treatment plan for each. Dr. Jeffrey Weiss is also a medical academic professor and director of an internal medicine residency program. He is literally in the trenches with patient care, with emerging research and applied best practices.

Regenerative medicine is relatively new to the healthcare landscape, and Dr. Jeffrey discussed the efficacy and validity of vitamin-infusion therapy. “Vitamin infusion is regulated by the FDA, unlike OTC (over the counter) supplements. Intravenous administration allows 100% absorption and the efficacy is exponentially higher.” He added, “We have 100% healthy patients who come every 3-6 months. It’s not only more effective, but more cost effective than taking multi-vitamins and other OTC oral supplements daily.”

The practice offers free vitamin consults seven days a week to guide patients in arranging a customized, evidence-based, medically supervised treatment regime. Dr. Weiss noted anecdotally that patients come with a friend or family member and take “before and after” pictures, because they often feel better the same day.

ICONJ offers office and home infusion therapies, so in the environment of COVID precautions, the doctors noted, “We are a COVID-free zone. We screen in the hallway before entering the center. Staff uses PPE and are all tested negative.” COVID-positive patients are sent home to quarantine for 15 days, and no office staff enters the home. Care switches to a telemedicine visit for testing and treatment.

During these stressful times, Dr. Weiss recommends a special infusion that includes amino acids GABA, taurine and theanine; vitamin B12; and magnesium (the “relaxation mineral”). According to Dr. Weiss, this IV optimizes neurotransmitter function, and plays key roles in the formation of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.

Dr. Weiss hopes to develop a practice where they can “have every subspecialty under one roof, interacting with each other as a collaborative team, to offer patients all options available and allow them to either combine or select what fits them. Medicine has become too paternalistic in this country. We believe it’s about educating the patient on risks and benefits of available proven therapies, so they can make fully informed decisions.”

Infusion Center of NJ is available seven days a week and can be reached by phone at 973-272-6220 or online: www.InfusionCenterofNJ.com.

By Ellie Wolf