Friday, June 05, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has opened the door to many problems beyond the realm of personal health, one of which is hair care. In recent weeks, social media has been abuzz with people sharing videos of themselves receiving haircuts from, or giving haircuts to, their family members and others with whom they share living space. But what about people who no longer have access to the hair dyes on which they rely?

Elie Tanous Salon, based out of Riverside Mall in Hackensack, has the answer. Helmed by Elie Tanous himself, the business is now selling hair care kits for the home, which include all the products needed for people to give themselves their much-needed dye jobs. Through a simple application process, individuals can get back to feeling good about their hair.

Elie Tanous Salon has been helping clients with their hair care needs since it opened roughly two and a half years ago. The idea for the kits came about as a result of him seeing the void the coronavirus had left in the market.

“After the lockdown was initiated, we knew we wanted to do something for our clients that would allow them to properly care for their hair despite not being able to come to the salon,” Tanous said. “We couldn’t go to clients’ houses, and so we came up with the idea for the kits as an alternative. It’s not in any way an ideal situation—preferably we’d be taking care of our clients ourselves—but at least this way they have something to help them feel a little better about themselves. Hair care is important to many people and with times being as rough as they are, no one needs one more thing to feel down about.”

The kits come with an assortment of products, including the dye, a bowl, cotton, an applicator brush, a processing cap, a detangling brush and shampoo and conditioner. Two types of kits are available for purchase––both are single process, but one comes with an additional glaze.

“The last thing we want our clients to feel is that they were left hanging, and so we really put an effort into making these kits as accessible as possible,” Tanous said. “In addition to everything that comes with the kit, we also include a YouTube link where they can learn how to properly apply everything and get the best results possible. There’s also the fact that we keep a record of our existing clients’ hair color history, ensuring that they’ll be receiving the exact color they need. For new clients, we’re available for virtual consultations, where we’ll be able to find out that information.”

The same formula provided at the salon is used in the kits, which Tanous said was one aspect of the process clients most appreciated.

“We’re able to deliver a mini version of the salon through these kits,” Tanous said. “Yes it’s a bummer that the clients have to apply it themselves, but we’ve heard really positive things from the people who have used the kits so far. It’s a source of familiarity to them, and it’s a comfort to know that my salon can help in some way during these times. In the future, we’re actually looking into ways to keep the kits going even after the coronavirus has passed for people who are sick or normally aren’t able to make their way to a salon. I think there’s something really special in them. And I also really wanted to thank the community for continuing to support the salon. It means a lot.”

A single process kit is $80 and a kit with the added glaze is $110. Free delivery is offered within Bergen County and elsewhere within 15 miles of the salon. All deliveries are made to the client’s doorstep.

To learn more about Elie Tanous Salon and its products, visit https://www.elietanous.com. Questions can be emailed to [email protected] Additionally, you can follow the salon’s Instagram page, @elietanoussalon.

Adam Samuel is a journalist from Teaneck. He blogs at www.adamssoapbox.com