Friday, July 03, 2020

(Courtesy of Project Ezrah) If you were to ask Warren Buffet this question he would tell you that the best investment is in yourself.

About 30 people from our community recently joined in a Zoom call to invest in themselves. Project Ezrah hosted “Become a Gmail Master,” given by Seth Dimbert. Mr. Dimbert uses his education and technology background to relay information in a clear and relatable manner. He engages the participants and leaves each person with useful and productive nuggets of information, said Jeff Mendelson, director of employment at Project Ezrah. Recently, Project Ezrah has been hosting Zoom sessions that aim to enrich job seekers with strategies and skills in their job searches as well as help professionals who are looking to increase their knowledge of new business tools.

Upcoming seminars will cover LinkedIn, Excel pivot tables and other business tools. This Monday, June 8, we are excited to host Michelle Lifschitz, an organizational psychologist with nearly 20 years of experience in leadership, learning, diversity and inclusion and talent management. Michelle has held several roles in large financial and accounting institutions as a facilitator, trainer, executive coach, instructional designer and strategist. She is dedicated to enhancing corporate-wide professional career growth and specializes in retaining and advancing women and minority talent. Ms. Lifschitz will lead a session on “Career Savvy Survival Skills”:

How to stay current and relevant for career success during the current crisis and beyond

Ways to identify opportunities to survive and thrive by growing personally and professionally

Techniques for embracing change to increase job satisfaction and enhance long-term career success

For Zoom information regarding our June 8 seminar or future seminars, please email [email protected]