Sunday, August 09, 2020

MyLensReplacement, an online personal licensed optician and lens replacement company, serves people seeking affordable, high-quality lenses for their glasses. Under the leadership of founder Gilad Nakash, MyLensReplacement grants the gift of clear vision to the consumer while simultaneously maintaining genuine customer care and reliability.

After COVID-19 struck, Nakash sought out new ways for his original business, Kinder Eyewear, to continue on successfully. Due to the demand for online, one-on-one customer service, Nakash created MyLensReplacement. In three simple steps, customers are able to order new lenses for their glasses at a much lower cost than in stores. In conjunction with his affordable pricing, Nakash personally examines each lens before it is sent out, ensuring a high-quality product that is a more practical purchase than other lens services offer. Using brand-name machinery and products, MyLensReplacement goes above and beyond to respect the customer’s wishes and needs, and provide excellent eyecare.


Nakash always had a passion for opticianry, but a tragic hit-and-run accident that left him in a coma changed his perspective on the industry. After his miraculous recovery, Nakash’s vision for his future company shifted, and his dream became fulfilling the need and demand for affordable vision care. His altered outlook led to his newfound goal: repairing what he believed to be an overpriced industry by offering excellent service at affordable prices.

As a byproduct of his prior struggles, his academic motivation soared along with his professional ambition. While a student at New York City College of Technology, from which he graduated with honors, he improved the curriculum to include vision-care courses through his position as president of the program and his involvement with the school board. After he received his degree in opticianry, he launched his career by adapting to the newest technology available to him and gaining certifications through experience and further education. He went on to win first prize in the National Federation of Opticianry (NFOS) Schools College Bowl. These achievements further solidified his determination and knowledge, and helped him achieve his dream of starting his own company.

Though it has taken a toll on his business, COVID-19 has not deterred Nakash from the idea of giving back. He continues to donate frames, sunglasses and lenses to the less fortunate.

As Nakash wrote in an online bio: “It truly is a magical feeling knowing you completely changed how someone views the world around them.”

The big picture for MyLensReplacement is making sure everyone, including children, adults, the elderly, veterans, minorities and low-income families, who needs a pair of eyeglasses has them. Because sight provides a window into everyday life, MyLensReplacement aims to give the gift of clear vision to everyone who needs it.

Nakash hopes to grow MyLensReplacement in the future and fuel the eventual success of Kinder Eyewear, which has been put on pause since COVID-19 began. For now, he will continue to help the community by reducing customers’ medical bills and providing high-quality products.

For more information, email [email protected] or call/text 718-635-0064.

Hannah Kirsch is a graduate of Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School in Livingston and an intern at The Jewish Link.