Tuesday, August 11, 2020

(Courtesy of The Sew Pro) What if you can shop without worrying about alterations? Imagine designing clothes that fit your own unique fit and style. The Sew Pro has finally launched online sewing classes to achieve that and much more.

Sewing is a skill that anyone can obtain and Tzirel Leah Feinroth has more than 1,500 successful students to prove that. Until fairly recently Feinroth’s popular classes were available in person only in Lakewood, NJ. They are now available in the comfort of your home, at your own pace and schedule.

Each video lesson is filmed and edited with multiple cameras, angles and views and the classes offer step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

“The video classes went beyond my expectation,” Feinroth said. “I’m thrilled with how clear and easy they are to learn by. Emails and texts keep coming in from learners how much they’re learning and enjoying and finding them clear and simple to follow.”


Upon signup, each learner receives The Sew Pro Box filled with top quality sewing supplies. All necessary supplies and fabrics are shipped free to your home.

The benefits of online classes (rather than in-person classes) have proven themselves in the first few weeks after launching The Sew Pro’s website. Being able to watch them in front of your own sewing machine, while pausing as many times as needed, is invaluable.

If you have questions while you’re learning, Feinroth is just an email away. Learners can easily take a picture of their machine or garment and send it to her with their questions. Replies usually come through within a few hours.

Feinroth’s background and training include classes FIT and Parsons School of Design in NY. She also runs patternmaking and dressmaking courses in Israel and hands-on training in an upscale gown boutique in NYC. She has years of both sewing and teaching experience.

There are currently two courses available online, for which you need no prior sewing experience. Sew Like a Pro, the most popular class is a full scope beginner’s course. Students learn how to use a sewing machine properly and how to follow patterns from beginning to end. We sew two beautiful A-line skirts that include invisible zippers and linings. In addition to sewing garments from scratch, students learn how to sew practical alterations––hems, taking in sides, lifting necklines, adding to lengthen and more.

Alterations 101 is also a beginner’s course where students learn to use the sewing machine properly and how to make all the alterations covered in the previous course. The full Alterations 101 course is included in the Sew Like a Pro course, too.

Feinroth offers an exclusive couture gown and a pattern making course for the advanced sewist. That course is currently offered in-person only. We’ve received an overwhelming interest for the gown and pattern making course to be online, too. We will notify all those who emailed with the request when that course launches.

“I’ve been sewing for 30 years and I’m blown away by your course,” said one Sew Like a Pro student, Liba White, from Brooklyn. “You teach with superb clarity and share tricks and tips I’ve never known before. The classes are so easy to follow. It’s amazing how simple it can be to learn to sew. I wish I could’ve learned this 30 years ago when I was first learning how to sew.”

Please visit www.thesewpro.com  for more information. To contact Feinroth, please call 732-644-6954 or email [email protected].