Friday, January 28, 2022

Chaim Desser, founder and CEO of The Poel Group, is pleased to report that after re-opening past the peak of the pandemic, business is thriving. In this new reality, small and mid-sized for-profit businesses are re-assessing their needs and coming up with a new profile for the top-notch employees they are seeking. They are also finding that the job openings that they are receiving from clients, even those whom they have serviced in the past, are re-formatting to meet the needs of a changing economy. Being in touch with the pulse of the business world, the Poel Group is able to accommodate these new needs through their talented team of top recruiters whose skills enable them to locate top talents for the positions they are looking to fill.

Chaim Desser, a former business owner and trained professional business coach, shared, “In this COVID-19 climate, our clients are reorganizing, replacing employees, changing personnel and looking for experts in online marketing, sales, customer service, finance, accounting and related business skills. Through our targeted recruiting, we are able to present our clients with top-level candidates for their positions. Companies reach out to us to provide them with an extended hand, a professional who will integrate their vision into their own and work to achieve it.”

The Poel Group, which was founded by Desser in 2007, specializes in filling C-Level positions for mid- to small-sized for-profit companies. Positions include chief executive officers, chief financial officers, chief operations officers, chief technology officers, chief information officers, chief marketing officers, portfolio asset managers, general managers and comptrollers, office managers, assistant comptrollers, building and property managers, retail store and department managers, sales associates, e-marketing professionals, IT administrators and senior sales associates. Through their Middlestaff Division, they successfully place mid-level positions for CPAs and staff accountants, assistant office managers, assistant comptrollers, building and property managers, retail store and department managers, sales associates, e-marketing professionals, IT administrators and senior sales associates. Through their Middlestaff Division they successfully place mid-level and junior-level positions including junior office managers, customer support representatives, junior assistants, billing representatives and junior bookkeepers..

Desser shared, “We named our firm The Poel Group to convey its mission. The Hebrew word “poel” indicates “action.” We pride ourselves in being highly proactive in seeking the best candidates to help promote your business.We begin our service to you by meeting you at your site to obtain a clear composite of the type of candidate you are seeking, one who will complement your existing staff and help bring the company up to the next level. We vet our candidates thoroughly before sending them out to our clients and have proven successful in matching just the “right” person for the position. We value the close relationships we have developed with our clients and candidates and treat their needs with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.”

Based in Brooklyn, The Poel Group has recruited widely for New Jersey communities including Elizabeth, Edison, Englewood and Lakewood. To date, they have a client base of over 1,000 companies in the product- and service-based industries. Their candidates, also numbering in the thousands, are men and women from all ethnic backgrounds. The key to their placement is their having served successfully for three to five years in a related position. The staff of recruiters at The Poel Group are themselves top professionals with proven track records of successful placements.

Desser offered, “As a Jewish-owned business, we have been highly successful in placing our Jewish candidates in Jewish-owned businesses as we are most familiar with the climate and goals of these companies. Since founding The Poel Group, I pride myself with having helped businesses within our community. We have placed hundreds of professionals in companies that have grown exponentially with our placements and have reached their maximum potential under the leadership of our candidates. For us, this is the highest form of providing a ‘parnassa’ for members of our communities.”

The fees for the recruitment services provided by The Poel Group come from the clients/companies. There is no fee for the candidates. All resumes are kept in strictest confidentiality and only shared with the consent of the candidate. If necessary, recruiters will meet candidates in convenient locations within the tri-state area.

To learn about current searches being conducted by The Poel Group, visit www.poelgroup.com.

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By Pearl Markovitz


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