Thursday, June 24, 2021

As these past months in quarantine draw to a close, and people begin returning to shul, school and work, we are reminded that even during these difficult times, some things remain the same. As the fall approaches amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with restrictions beginning to be lifted, the Jewish community is preparing to welcome the High Holiday season.

While families might balk at the thought of preparing the house and building a sukkah after so much free time, they can also find meaning in Judaism’s enduring traditions. These traditions carried us through the long months of isolation, and will stay with us as we begin to emerge from those times. Nevertheless, building a sukkah can be difficult, especially for those who don’t have the time or simply don’t own the necessary tools and parts.

That is where Happy Handyman Renovations comes in. Based in Teaneck and run by Yahuda Guttman and Yoni Levine, Happy Handyman Renovations has been providing customers with home remodelling and repairs, and is now available to lend families a hand with building their sukkahs. Though pricing varies on a per-case basis, the company provides the service using a variety of materials and includes schach placement. From EZ-build to fiberglass to wood, Guttman and Levine can handle a range of options, accommodating each customer’s needs as best as they can. If space is needed for light fixtures, heaters or other electronic equipment, they can adapt, offering customized service. Most importantly, every sukkah is prepared with all strict halachic conditions and customs in mind.

They have begun taking orders, offering 10% off if requested before Rosh Hashanah, and will start building during the week before Sukkot.

Guttman was surprised that COVID-19 ended up helping the handyman business, creating opportunities “because of the wear and tear people are putting on their homes as well as all the projects they have always wanted to do.”

Levine and Guttman also acknowledge their responsibility to wear masks while building the sukkahs. All other necessary measures like social distancing will be provided to make the client feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Since sukkahs this year will mainly be hosting members of the same house, Sukkot will be marked by an emphasis on family. For many, the novel coronavirus and its accompanying restrictions have negated the usual need and desire to invite friends and long-distance relatives. While that might sound confining, it also encourages families to decorate their sukkahs in a way that is special to them. Once the type of sukkah is chosen and built, it is left for families to embellish the structure, whether with lights, pictures or fun adornments.

“We will do our best to help bring out the creativity and uniqueness of each family’s sukkah,” Guttman said. “Each family has their own identity and heritage that I feel comes through [in] the way they decorate their sukkahs and it is such a privilege to be able to help them do that.”

Email Happy Handyman Renovations for a free estimate at [email protected], or call 201-873-4427 or 201-214-5278.

By Josh Gindi


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