Thursday, January 27, 2022

While no one plans to get sick or hurt, most people will need medical care at some point in their lives. With that in mind, health insurance is important for everyone, acting as a safeguard against high, unexpected medical costs as well as providing preventive care and other essential benefits.

Choosing healthcare coverage becomes particularly difficult upon entering one’s senior years. Levi Goldberg of United Healthcare understands the challenges those 65 and up face and specializes in helping clients select the coverage that is best for them.

Goldberg has worked in the insurance industry for nearly two decades, most recently focusing on Medicare products. “When someone retires, they not only leave their job, they also leave behind a point person who managed their health benefits,” said Goldberg. Most people are easily overwhelmed by the details of Medicare and miss the support they previously relied on when making healthcare decisions. Goldberg understands the complexity of the situation and simplifies the process, breaking down the specifics and helping clients understand the ins and outs of the various plans.

“When I meet a client, I get to know them so that I can advise which benefits are most suitable,” said Goldberg who recognizes that one plan doesn’t work for everybody. As an industry expert he believes United Healthcare has excellent programs to choose from. Beginning January 2021 they are introducing the Medicare Advantage Plan, a PPO plan that offers both in- and out-of-network benefits. Should someone want to go to an out-of-network specialist this plan will allow them to do so, an option most people value tremendously, added Goldberg.

Open enrollment for Medicare will be running from October 15 through December 7 with a January 2021 effective date. During that time Goldberg will be stationed at Walgreens on Cedar Lane in a COVID-safe kiosk that allows him to engage with customers, answer questions and provide information about coverage options. He is also available to meet clients at other locations upon request.

As your broker, Goldberg will do a complete analysis of your situation and determine what type of coverage is most suitable. At 65 most people require basic coverage, he said, but as they age, their needs might change. Goldberg checks in regularly and while most do not require change within a yearly agreement, when necessary he will suggest modifications.

Goldberg prides himself on excellent customer service and develops lasting relationships with his clients, who know he is available not only to help with Medicare concerns, but with any issues they have throughout the process.

Those who know Goldberg attest to his friendly and warm personality, always happy to contribute his time and effort giving back to the community through leadership positions. Raised in Englewood and living in Teaneck for the last 20 years, he has volunteered for the Teaneck Soccer league for the past 10 years, coached for the Teaneck Baseball Organization and has served as gabbai at Congregation Ohr Saadya for 15 years. Together with his wife and children, Goldberg feels committed to sustaining Bergen County and its essential organizations.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please call Levi Goldberg at 201-988-0507.

By Andrea Nissel


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