Thursday, January 27, 2022

During these changing times businesses and organizations have been forced to rethink their place in the market, many turning to advertising agencies to help them pivot. Andrew Dimond understands these challenges and knows what it takes to facilitate change. After many years working at Manhattan advertising agencies, he has decided to take it on the road and launch his own firm, Dimond Advertising.

Dimond Advertising is a full-service digital and traditional marketing group that aims to drive your business performance with strategic thinking, brand creation and straightforward messaging delivered to the right people at the right time. Andrew believes these key elements produce highly effective results connecting your brand with your target audiences.

Andrew has been intimately involved with the digital advertising world since its inception back in the 1990s, when he directed the advertising for Coupons Online, a trailblazer in interactive marketing. He helped them achieve their goal of a lucrative sell-out to a major consumer-goods conglomerate.

Having worked with both start-up companies and major corporations, Andrew believes his extensive background brings much more to the table than his competitors. “I have experience dating back to the introduction of the digital marketing age and I have been involved in every step of its rapid evolution,” said Andrew. His diverse range of advertising strategies have helped businesses and organizations, large and small, to grow their revenues through good times and bad. His clients have included Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Armitron Watches, Columbia Skincare, FDIC, New York Presbyterian Hospital System, The Carlton Group (a real estate/finance firm) and Century 21 Realty, just to name a few.

He is eager to bring his expertise and experience to companies and organizations, large and small, who are looking to revitalize themselves through strategic communications.

Today, as many companies and organizations are finding themselves in a place where they need to shift their business model, Andrew offers marketing strategies tailored to a client’s specific needs that will streamline the transition. For example, with the pandemic forcing businesses to remain closed, transitioning to online sales has been essential to keep many businesses alive. “The businesses that are pivoting successfully are thriving,” said Andrew, who sees profitable returns in online sales for many retailers whose brick and mortar businesses are suffering. Andrew can help with this necessary shift.

According to Andrew, branding, including logo design or redesign, can go a long way towards helping a company or an organization re-invent themselves. But, of course, there is more to success, and he and his creative team offer clients a broad range of advertising strategies including digital, social, print, radio and television, as well as public relations.

Andrew works with a talented team, yet prides himself on personally overseeing all jobs throughout the process.

Dimond Advertising also works with non-profit organizations who now more than ever have to figure out ways to thrive. Most of their typical fundraising opportunities have been suspended due to the pandemic, forcing them to develop new ways to generate funds. “Online dinners are not too compelling for most people,” said Dimond, who helps organizations create excitement around virtual events. Creative by nature, Andrew is an accomplished lyricist. “I create custom lyrics that can be sung and produced for events, which will often add something extra to the business or fundraising program,” he said.

Andrew also has extensive experience developing human resources communications and recruitment programs for corporations and organizations around the country, helping them to attract top talent as easily and cost-effectively as possible.

Andrew describes himself as a people person who believes in excellent customer service. He is a master at branding and rebranding and coming up with an event or an idea that will make you more appealing. “We are at a time when many businesses and organizations are being forced to fold because they cannot seem to find a way to acclimate to the changes the pandemic has presented,” he said. “However, when change is done well, it’s very notable and can be very profitable.”

In his spare time, Andrew is a tennis pro and songwriter/performer for the a cappella group JEWBILATION.

For more information or to schedule a free advertising consultation, please email Andrew at [email protected] or call 917-733-5616.

By Andrea Nissel


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