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Tranquil Transitions, LLC, a household downsizing and estate dispersal business is quickly becoming a household word. Tranquil Transitions assists primarily mature adults and their adult children with the logistics of mov­ing to smaller quarters (including retirement communities) and emptying the residence. An­nette Rion-Masaryk is the executive director and founder.

When Julianna Lahaye moved from a three-bedroom ranch in East Brunswick to an adult community, she needed help. Widowed, and her grown children living out of state, sorting through a myriad of possessions and downsizing into a home less than half the size seemed to be an arduous task for one person. Enter Rion-Masaryk and Tranquil Transitions, who helped Lahaye with finding a place and deciding what to keep, sell, and donate. She ar­ranged for furniture to be sold, other items to be donated to local charities, packed her pos­sessions, hired movers, took care of the utili­ties in both locations, and assisted in unpack­ing and settling in— including putting all her possessions away and hanging her art work. When Masaryk left Lahaye’s new home, her bed was made and her pajamas and robe were on her bed. It was as if Lahaye had lived there for months.

Masark’s services can be tailored. For some clients, that means culling through the posses­sions of a lifetime. “People often have 40 or 50 years of accumulation, and not just their own,” Masaryk said. “Frequently they have things that belonged to parents or siblings who have passed.”

Tranquil Transitions has done work all over New Jersey (Ridgewood, Princeton, Warren,

Red Bank, Morristown) and New York (NYC, SI, Queens).

Tranquil Transitions can help with some or all of the following: developing an overall move plan; floor plans, organizing; downsizing; packing; unpacking, set up of a new home; ar­ranging for the profitable disposal of unwant­ed items through auction, donation, or a com­bination; scheduling, and overseeing movers; household staging and repairs, arranging for shipments and storage; cleaning; shopping; realtor, and helping prepare the home to be sold.

Tranquil Transitions

- has been in business for 12 years;

- has moved 100’s of households;

- and donates 10% of its gross income to feed the hungry and drill water wells.


Call 732-980-9581, 732-672-9231 or visit www.TranquilTransitionsllc.com

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