Friday, April 16, 2021

There are many reasons why making Pesach can feel overwhelming this year—kids in Zoom school always underfoot, demands of a job, perhaps a disability or illness. Last year, many people found themselves unexpectedly making Pesach, some for the first time, when the pandemic shut down travel and group meals.

But instead of panicking, you can get your kitchen in shape with New Jersey Kashering Service. Run by Rabbi Joseph Goldberg, who has been kashering kitchens professionally for over 25 years, a specially trained team will come to your home, about 12 hours after it has been cleaned, and kasher your entire kitchen or any part you need—counters, sinks, oven, stove, silverware, glasses and dishes.

Rabbi Goldberg began kashering kitchens when he was a teenager living in Florida and his rabbi asked him for help. That summer, he began working for a kashering agency, and has since worked for several national and international kosher certifying agencies. His team has kashered kitchens for Pesach in Pennsylvania, where he lives now, and Florida. A relative advised him that there was a huge need in New Jersey and he is working in the state exclusively this year.

Appointments are underway, with the last one available on the Monday or Tuesday before Pesach, which begins Saturday evening, March 27. With his knowledge of the process and time involved in kashering, Rabbi Goldberg can discuss your job over the phone and give you a quote.

To speak with Rabbi Goldberg, call or text (443) 254-6900.