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Once considered a luxury, custom closets have become an essential part of home design. Many people are willing to forego prime real estate in their bedrooms and other areas of the home in exchange for closets that maximize space and functionality.

Silversquare Custom Closets is dedicated to creating top-quality closets designed to meet each customer’s specific needs. Yanky Breuer owns Silversquare and is expert at both design and installation. “I’ve always had a passion for organization, and my company takes that to the highest level,” said Breuer.

Breuer offers prospective clients a free consultation complete with a 3D design that gives them the opportunity to see exactly what the finished closet will look like and how it will function. He also has an extensive photo gallery, which simplifies the process for many who aren’t sure what they are looking for.

To get started, Breuer takes detailed inventory of what you have in order to create adequate storage and then some. Most people he works with generally complain that they have too little space for all of their things, he said, and after the new closet is installed, they are amazed that there is extra room to spare.

Breuer believes there is a certain level of calm that comes from organization. He said the feedback has been excellent, not only about the product itself but also the sense of ease his clients feel now that they have a place for everything.

Silversquare prides itself on a strong commitment to customer service. “Client satisfaction is most important,” said Breuer, who will always go the extra mile to make sure expectations are met. In fact, customers will sometimes solicit his help in other areas of home décor, a service he says he is happy to provide.

Breuer transforms all areas of the home including home offices, mud rooms, laundry rooms, garages and more. It’s hard to imagine that a closet system could significantly upgrade a home, he said, yet clients attest that both the convenience and the high-end appearance of his designs have modernized their living space.

“We had Silversquare design and install a walk-in closet and a reach-in closet. Both closets are terrific, well designed and very attractive,” said Benzion Weisz. “Yanky the designer is very detailed and rigorous. He ensured the design would work, using every inch of space.”

Breuer’s clients appreciate the creativity he brings to each design, many in disbelief when they see the finished product. Jim Running said, “I can only say, ‘Wow.’ Not only was Yanky’s customer service right on the mark, he spent hours with us designing our dressing rooms/closets, and went out of his way to communicate with us during the process. The workmanship and products are absolutely wonderful.”

“My closets are built to last,” said Breuer, who added that he is always available for his customers should an issue arise. Not only does Silversquare get the job done, Breuer is meticulous about both the time frame and the cleanup. He understands people are welcoming him into their homes and makes sure the condition after he leaves is better than on arrival.

Silversquare works with new constructions, home renovations and upgrades to existing closets. Breuer is available for in-home consultations and follows strict COVID-19 protocols. For clients who prefer virtual meetings, that is an option as well.

For more information, please call 845-286-1034 or email [email protected] or on Instagram @silversquareny.

By Andrea Nissel


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