Monday, July 26, 2021

Marketing today requires expertise in technology along with creativity. The Bow + Hearth team has 20 years of experience analyzing and creating marketing campaigns. They know what works and what doesn’t. Data alone doesn’t equal success. It’s not enough to produce reports with impressive-sounding metrics, CPMs, Share of Voice and KPIs, and apply the same format to every client, as many marketing agencies do—whether or not it’s the right approach to meet a company’s business goals.

Bow + Hearth puts the focus on understanding clients and using data to craft a custom strategy that puts business owners on the fast track to quantifiable results. After listening to what you want, and determining what you need, Bow + Heath rolls up their proverbial sleeves and gets to work.

To get a product or service in front of the people who need it, you have to build an identity for your brand. Branding, the art of creating a unified look and message in all your communication to customers, is a Bow + Hearth specialty. So is creating a social media presence to tell people who you are and why they should get to know you. Small and mid-size companies don’t have the time or talent in-house to do that, and they want results quickly. That’s where Bow + Hearth comes to the rescue. They have worked on marketing campaigns for the biggest international companies, mid-sized companies and startups. Their remote team includes specialists in multiple continents with expertise in every marketing discipline.

Bow + Hearth develops a brand by solving a problem. The fundamental starting point of marketing a company of any size is to determine who your customers are and what trends are influencing them. The Bow + Hearth team created the “Share the Fun” campaign for Polaroid by tuning into the trend for nostalgia. Polaroid showed how you can make memories last by printing some of the hundreds of photos on your phone that you’ve forgotten about. On the other end of the size spectrum, Bow + Hearth recently closed a $500,000 equity crowdfunding campaign for Smart Tire Recycling, a highly technical B2B (business to business) company, by telling their story in a way that was digestible and compelling for a non-technical audience.

Companies often rely on “good enough” marketing—and get mediocre results. They rely on out-of-date content like old jingles, or they neglect important digital concepts like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how to get your content recognized by search engine algorithms. Bow + Hearth puts in the effort to cut through the clutter. Sure, anyone can send an email. But emails that readers open, read and engage with are the result of a targeted approach. Same with social media. There are many platforms, all appealing to different demographics. A scattershot approach won’t work. Bow + Hearth will advise where you should invest your advertising dollars and make ads that appeal to your target customers.

The ultimate goal of a marketing campaign is to facilitate customer purchases. Bow + Hearth can create a user-friendly website with an e-commerce platform and a dedicated app with one click functionality.

Shoshana Areman, marketing manager, summed up Bow + Hearth’s approach: “Once upon a time, you could set up an Amazon account and be off to the races. However, the marketplace has changed. We bring both the technical expertise to run multi-channel campaigns, as well as a deep and fundamental understanding of branding that can transform your business with a strategically crafted plan.”

For a complimentary marketing assessment, contact Bow + Hearth, at www.bowandhearth.com.

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