Thursday, January 20, 2022

Just in time for the new school year and the Yomim Tovim, Capitol Seforim announced its grand opening in Passaic, where customers can find a tremendous selection of seforim and books at incredibly discounted prices. The store carries just about anything and everything talmidim could possibly need for their limudei kodesh studies, including Gemaras, Chumashim and an incredible assortment of Tanachs and dictionaries, all at unbeatable prices.

For the Yomim Tovim, the new sefarim store offers a large array of Machzorim at prices everyone can afford.

Capital Seforim’s 50,000-plus inventory comes from a vast majority of sources, from all over the country and from all different kinds of places. Some of the inventory is “lightly used,” obtained from personal libraries and people looking to downsize. The rest of the inventory is new—about 70%—and comes from, among other places, liquidation or excess material from distributors. It is because of Capitol Seforim’s unique approach to acquiring its inventory that it is able to offer its customers unbeatable prices which are usually from a third to half off of regular retail prices.

Also, because of its innovative business model, Capitol Seforim affords its customers access to a wide variety of books and other school-related material at prices not found in more traditional book stores. Gemaras, which usually cost somewhere between $35-$40, can be found here from $10-$15. Beautiful Chumashim range from $4-$7 apiece, not to mention Tanachim, Siddurim, Machzorim and any other type of sefer you could possibly want. Capitol Seforim makes it easy and affordable to build up your home library and fill it with every type of sefer imaginable.

Seforim are not the only items for sale. Books on mussar, history, geography, philosophy and even novels grace the shelves at Capitol Seforim. With an eclectic mix of books, the selection is sure to whet any bookworm’s appetite. It is a veritable treasure chest of books with never-ending rewards.

Aside from its grand opening in Passaic, Capitol Seforim also has stores in several other locations including Monsey, Woodmere and Lakewood, all offering an astounding selection of seforim and books in every possible Jewish-related category.

But selling discounted seforim and books is not the only thing Capitol Seforim does. For many years now it has been offering shaimos services to numerous communities. This invaluable service is not only done with two hechsherim (one from Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Friedman, the Santov Rav of Lakewood; and the other from the Satmar beit din), but they also work with state and local officials to make sure the process is done respectfully, according to Halacha and in accordance with local and state laws. Believe it or not, burying shaimos does require county approval, especially considering 50 trailer loads are buried each year. Plus, they are the consummate professionals at helping communities organize shaimos drives.

If you’re looking to compare Capitol Seforim’s prices with online retailers and resellers, you are out of luck because Capitol prides itself on not selling its wares online. “It’s a place you have to visit because there’s just so much there,” its proprietor, Aaron Taplin, exclaimed. However, the store will happily price-match your selection if you do find it online for less. It is just doubtful that you will!

To contact Capitol Seforim call 973-685-9390 or call 1-866-SHAIMOS. Be sure to stop by Capitol Seforim located at 216 Main Avenue in Passaic.

By Ronit Mershon


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