Tuesday, March 28, 2023

How can Rabbi Mark Spiro help a person feel happier after only 10 sessions?

“Everyone responds differently of course, but some people report feeling much happier after only one or two sessions,” said Rabbi Spiro, a practitioner of the Innate Health therapeutic approach since 2007. “It actually has nothing to do with time,” he explained. “It’s when a person comes to a deep understanding that they already possess everything they need for a happy, fulfilling life. And I’m not talking about the physical sense. They have the internal capacity. The ability. Psychologically speaking, spiritually speaking.”

But if it is true that all human beings innately possess all they need to be happy, what gets in the way of achieving that natural state of happiness Hashem intended for us to live in?

“This gets us to the crux of my work with people, and it answers our question. All I really do with people is point them to what they already actually know inside. The reason they are suffering is because they have lost track of that. They are currently operating under a misunderstanding of themselves.

“The misunderstanding that most people, unfortunately, have about themselves, is like navigating with a faulty map. There’s nothing wrong with your car and there’s nothing wrong with the world. But if your map is faulty, you end up in places you don’t want to be. It’s really as simple as that.

“What I do with clients is help them understand how their own psychological system works. I help them understand the true source of their feelings. I help them understand how their misunderstanding of the system gets them the results they’ve been getting, and most importantly, I help them to realize that they’re actually functioning 100% as they were meant to function already, and they have all the capabilities already to live with well-being, regardless of circumstances.

“The incredible thing is that because people are actually innately healthy, a simple reorientation of their paradigm can lead to some very powerful upgrades in their lives. For example, people begin to see that they are capable of great resilience in the face of significant challenges. They begin to see themselves functioning with and even experiencing well-being despite difficult circumstances.

“Because this is a principle-based approach, learning it helps them understand not just themselves, but also other people. This leads to great benefits in the context of their relationships. Clients also discover how they can nurture their own innate creativity, which they bring to bear in all aspects of life, be it work, raising children, solving problems. All of these amazing results come from a simple reorienting of the paradigm or map they’ve been operating by.”

Besides making clients the incredible offer of increased happiness in only 10 sessions, Rabbi Spiro also states plainly that the “change is meaningful and permanent.” He makes this claim “because once you know something, you cannot unknow it. For instance, if you know that a certain street is blocked off, you will drive a different way.

“This simple reorientation of a person’s paradigm sets them on a lifelong path of growth. It’s a whole different way of living. A person begins to trust their own wisdom to lead them through life. My goal for clients is that they no longer need to come to me. The sessions show them how to find answers on their own.”

What’s it like helping people realize new levels of personal happiness and satisfaction in their lives? “It’s the most gratifying work I have ever done,” said Rabbi Spiro. “There’s no greater pleasure than seeing a person’s face light up when they’ve gained insight into themselves. It gives me energy. It doesn’t even feel like work to me.”

On Rabbi Spiro’s website, his clients’ testimonials are moving, joyous accounts of self-discovery, happier lives and gratitude. (It made this reporter jealous.) Read them at www.livingjudaism.com/what-theyre-saying.html.

By Jewish Link Staff


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