Saturday, March 25, 2023

Every Pesach, Teaneck native Eric Samson, who now resides in West Orange, would scramble to find someone reliable to clean out his car. Between the high demand, the lack of convenient car washing services and the chaos of preparing for the holiday, Samson would find himself thinking year after year, “There’s got to be a better way.”

At the end of 2021, Samson teamed up with his friend and local mason, Walter Moriarty, to form Rinse Auto Detailing, an on-demand car washing company servicing all of Bergen and Essex counties. The pair gathered a team of trained detailing technicians, and with Moriarty’s experience with heavy equipment from his masonry business, have been gearing up for the busiest season of car washing: Pesach.

Samson and Moriarty’s story begins several years ago, when Samson needed some work done on his house. “Whenever I need a professional, I head to NextDoor and see who the local community recommends for that job,” Samson told The Jewish Link. “For mason work, at least three people had recommended Walter on the same thread—so I knew this guy had to be good.”

When Moriarty arrived at Samson’s home in West Orange, the two discovered an instant connection over their love for cars. They began meeting up as friends and eventually began planning the launch of their car washing business. Between their shared entrepreneurship and passion for cars, Rinse Auto Detailing came together organically.

For Samson, who runs digital marketing agency Group8A, one of the most important features of the business is an online-first approach. “I wanted all of our bookings to go through the website,” Samson said. “Not only is it convenient for the customer, an online system ensures that there are no double-bookings and that everyone knows exactly what services are being provided.” Using his extensive digital experience, Samson got the website up and running for the Pesach car washing rush.

“Of course, we are available via email and telephone, but the online booking system is just so easy to use and is customized to best serve our clientele,” Samson continued. The ease of Rinse bookings also speaks to its primary mission of “service, service, service,” and allows customers to book multiple appointments at the click of a button.

Samson is clear that Rinse Auto is “not just a Pesach business,” and that the company was founded for people who are looking for car washing and detailing that they can rely on for consistent, thorough service. “We want people to build a relationship with us—we want to be the guys you trust with your car,” he shared.

And in the winter? Samson has big plans for more services that he and Moriarty can offer the Bergen and Essex communities. “Thanks to Walter’s equipment, we can also do snow removal, which we’d like to do with the same convenience as our car washing services—reliable, online bookings, and a trusted team that people can always turn to.”

Samson explained that the idea for a winter snow removal service came to him when his parents, who still reside in Teaneck, could not find anyone who was available to help on a consistent basis. “Yes, they can pay a neighbor’s kid to remove snow, but that might not always be the most reliable option—and there really isn’t any company serving the community in this way,” Samson said. “We want to offer solutions.”

He emphasized that if community members have any other problems that need solutions, he and his team are available to speak about it. “We are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Any feedback is very much appreciated.”

To celebrate its launch, Rinse is offering a special promotion ahead of Pesach: Book one car and receive up to 50% off a second car. “This saves many families in the community a lot of money, since most have two cars that need servicing—plus it’s great for us to be able to clean two vehicles in one spot,” Samson said.

To book your car detailing with Rinse Auto ahead of Pesach, visit: https://rinseauto.com/

By Channa Fischer


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