Monday, September 26, 2022

Founded in 2010 in Brooklyn, NY by Naftali and Anna Hanau, Grow and Behold Foods brings you delicious OU Glatt Kosher pastured meats raised on small family farms. The farmers adhere to the strictest standards of kashrut, animal welfare, worker treatment and sustainable agriculture. Every cut is carefully trimmed and packaged to ensure you receive only the best, highest quality meat.

Grow and Behold premium kosher meats are produced from animals that spend the majority of their lives on pasture. The farmers grow their animals in a healthy ecosystem that includes healthy soil and plants, healthy animals and healthy people—and delicious kosher meat.

USDA Organic Standards don’t mandate the high quality of life required for Grow and Behold animals. (For instance, “free range organic” poultry can be raised inside a barn.)The Hanaus visit all the farms and work directly with the growers to ensure that their strict standards for animal welfare and as well as feed and pasture management are met. Grow and Behold products are certified OU Glatt Kosher by the Orthodox Union, the gold standard of kashrus.

Grow and Behold offers FREE weekly home delivery in the New York City Area (to most locations with minimum purchase). Grow and Behold also ships nationwide anywhere that FedEx delivers. Finally, we offer Buying Clubs in dozens of cities nation-wide.

Grow and Behold meats are frozen at the peak of freshness to ensure you receive only the highest quality meats. Visit www.growandbehold.com to see our full line of beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and duck, as well as sausages, pastrami, patties, beef bacon and broths.

Grow and Behold are fully stocked for Pesach with briskets of all sizes, bones for your chicken soup, plus delicious sausages that are kosher for Pesach including Sweet Italian, Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Merguez, and Chorizo. We also have Kosher-for-Passover pastrami and beef bacon.

Hundreds of recipes, plus cooking tips

Not sure how to cook something? Grow and Behold can help! Every product on the website comes with a recipe to help you try something new in the kitchen. Just give them a call—888-790-5781—we’d love to talk you through a new cut so you end up with a delicious dinner for your friends and family.

The Hanaus met on an organic vegetable farm and fell in love—with each other, and with feeding people good food. Many neighboring farms raised pastured meat, but none of it was kosher. So Naf learned the kosher meat business from the ground up, including training as a shochet. In 2010 they founded Grow and Behold to make delicious, sustainably-raised pastured meat available to the Jewish community. At each step, they’ve been guided by our passion for producing high quality food and our concern for the well-being of everyone involved—from the farm to the butcher shop to the delivery truck. It is our pleasure to bring you the best kosher meat on the market!

From the Hanau family’s business to your family’s table...

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