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What to Expect in the 2022 Job Market

Economists make projections; fools make predictions. As I am neither (so I care to believe), I’ll make neither. On the other hand, as an independent career coach for 25 years this May—and having watched the job market closely, constantly, and diligently over the years—what I can do is offer some observations that might help guide us


Teaneck’s Parkview Pharmacy: New Owner, New Look

You might have noticed some pleasant new changes taking place on the corner of Queen Anne Road and The Plaza in Teaneck. A sleek white stone veneer and a brand new sign are gracing the front. But what you’ll find inside is even better—Paris Pournazari, the new owner of Teaneck’s Parkview Pharmacy.


Build Your Financial Future With Julius Wealth Advisors

Warren Buffet once said, “If you aren’t willing to own a stock for 10 years, don’t even think about owning it for 10 minutes.” Jason Blumstein, CFA® CEO and founder of Julius Wealth Advisors, couldn’t agree more. Like Buffet, the expert financial adviser and former football player believes in the long game. People are


Low-Cost Virtual Tutoring Designed for Yeshiva Students

In a few years time, hundreds of yeshiva students at schools across the country will have enhanced grades, improved confidence and better prospects as they apply for high schools, gap year programs or colleges, all thanks to the vision and determination of a 16-year-old girl in North Woodmere, New York.


Watch Out for Phone Call Scams

We all know about them and we have all received them. They are annoying, a nuisance and a waste of our time. Scam calls, whether by a live person, a robocall or a text, are an invasion of our privacy and, in many cases, illegal. For those of us who have fallen victim or almost fallen victim to these calls, they can be traumatic, and can


KosherValet.com Brings Kosher Convenience Straight to Your Door

What if you could do all your Shabbat shopping from a wide variety of stores while sitting on your couch watching Netflix?

Sign. Me. Up.

All you have to do is visit KosherValet.com, where you will discover an amazing assortment of kosher


Don’t Give Up!

Lewis Carroll, whose real name was Charles Ludwidge Dodgson, was the 19th-century English children’s fiction writer probably best known for his great works “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass.” However, I remember him best for another one of his fantasy works—the most famous literary nonsense poem


The Best Job Market in History. Period.

That there is even the slightest doubt that we’re in the best job market in history is, frankly, ridiculous. Yet there remain those who still have their doubts and then carry that negative view into their job searches. They create a self-fulfilling prophecy, and we all know where that leads.

As an


The Investment ‘Theory of Relativity’

Ask a random person on the street a question about the theory of relativity and she is likely to say something about E=MC 2or perhaps tell you it has something to do with Albert Einstein. And that’s about it.

I myself cannot tell you much about the theory of relativity. But in the world of


The Family Mohel Redefines the Highest Standard for Brit Milah

If you were planning your son’s bris and could identify the best attributes of a mohel, you’d probably compile a checklist that sounds a lot like a description of Rabbi Eliezer Lawrence, aka “The Family Mohel.”

First and foremost, you’d want someone


‘Different Times, Different Ideas’

This essay deals with two ideas that have gained new prominence during this unprecedented era in fundraising. Nonprofit leaders have been putting on their inventors’ hats and cavorting with novel concepts to maintain their edge in the pursuit of scarce funds.

Virtual Race


Realities and Complexities Of the Hybrid Workplace

Editor’s note: The Jewish Link is pleased to welcome contributions from long-time columnist Eli Amdur. Amdur’s columns have appeared in newspapers around the United States, including The Record (now USA Today Network), for 18 years.

Never in the modern history of work has a set of circumstances so

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