Monday, June 05, 2023

Business Spotlight

Event Photos Are Forever With Weintraub Studios

When you do something you love, the quality shines through. Eli Weintraub began learning photography in high school. He pursued it first as a hobby, taking photos at events and as the Camp Simcha photographer beginning in 2008. He took on selected professional jobs part-time as he


The CAVE Sound Stages: A New Way to Be Creative

The CAVE Sound Stages might just be one of the most exciting new spaces to land in Bergen County. Brought to you by power couple and super creatives, Abbie and Achi Adamit, the much sought after photographer and videographer have crafted the perfect space, not just for themselves, but for the entire creative


In the Market for a Luxury Timepiece? The Bezelry Is Your Best Bet

It’s the simcha season! Do you have a chattan in your life who needs a beautiful gift? A graduate? A father? Then look no further than The Bezelry, a new watch venture that primarily purchases high-end luxury timepieces and sells them for competitive prices, run by partners Yosef Chai


MedicareDone Untangles the Complexities Of Enrollment and Benefits

Sarah Jeremias, a licensed independent insurance agent, has witnessed the frustration of family members and friends confused due to the complexity of the Medicare system. With her expertise in the insurance industry, Jeremias felt compelled to simplify the Medicare enrollment process and allow every senior to enjoy their golden


Effective Ways to Create a Second Income Stream

Is it possible to create additional income streams while working a full-time job? The answer is a clear yes based on what millions of working adults are doing in 2022. Luckily, adding a regular, additional income stream to a steady paycheck does not require extended work hours. In many cases, those extra dollars can come from passive investments. Other ways to bring in


Despite the US Economic Slump, Israeli Startups Blossom in the Big Apple

New York City has been slow to rebound in the post-pandemic era. The same can’t be said for Israeli-founded startups in the big town.

On Thursday, September 15, this community of companies held a celebration, marking 400 Israeli startups operating in New York.


‘Montage For You’ Helps Enhance Your Simcha

Among the many preparations for a bar or bat mitzvah, there is usually one that causes more stress than the others—the montage.

Pressed for time or lacking the necessary tech savvy needed to produce a high-quality product, all the details that go into assembling the perfect montage


The Chair Market Has Custom-Made Chairs at Wholesale Prices

Are you sitting down?

Usually that question is the precursor to bad news, but this time it’s good. If you’re not happy with the chair you’re sitting on, The Chair Market will solve your problem. The Chair Market in Brooklyn not only builds commercial chairs and banquette seating, it has


Neighborly Notary® Offers Affordable Back-to-School Deals

Getting forms notarized can be a tedious chore, but Neighborly Notary® makes the process easy and affordable. Helmed by Roberta Arnone, a New York lawyer, the company is community-focused, and is now offering back-to-school deals in preparation for the upcoming school year.



The Power of the Positive Word

The power of the positive word is positive results.

So obviously true is that statement that it can be offered aphoristically, namely, standing by itself without need for explanation or defense. But let’s look at two sterling examples anyway.

In November 2004, two


Golf, Anyone? A Primer

It is believed that golf was invented in the 15th century as a game played on the eastern coast of Scotland. This is in an area close to the royal capital of Edinburgh. In those days, players would attempt to hit a pebble over dunes and around tracks using a bent stick or club. We have come a long way since the age of the


Three Ways Higher Interest Rates Can Be Positive

No matter where you get your news, I think we can all agree that the tone has been overwhelmingly negative of late. This is upsetting because a lot of people just go by the headlines, which are raising a lot of alarm bells about interest rates.

On the surface, it’s easy to understand

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