Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Business Spotlight

Wigs on Wheels Is There for You

Any woman who wears a sheitel will recognize this scenario: You have a sheitel that needs to be washed and set, but between family and work commitments, there’s simply no time to go to a salon or even run over to someone who washes and sets sheitels in their homes. Frumie Gartner, a sheitel macher with over 10 years’


Five Online Mistakes That Are Costing You Business

If you’re looking to increase exposure and reach new customers, you should be aware of costly marketing mistakes that could stifle efforts to grow your business. Take this self-assessment to determine whether it’s time to update and expand your digital footprint.

1. Is your website out of date?

Technology changes rapidly and


Delegate, But Don’t Abdicate

Let’s assume that you want to delegate a task that’s been sitting on your desk since…forever. You know what needs to get done and have (finally) found (and/or trained) the right person to do it. Let’s call this person Sally.

You sit down with Sally to plan the process. The two of you


Can You Adjust Your Biological Age?

Age might be just a number, but age-related numbers are important markers in personal finance, particularly in retirement. For example:

• 59½ is the age at which penalty-free withdrawals can be made from qualified retirement plans.

• 62 is when most Americans become eligible to receive reduced Social Security benefits.

• Sometime between


How SEO Can Improve Your Business

When a consumer needs a product or service, they immediately turn to their search engine of choice – for most online users, that’s Google. Businesses who appear on the first page of relevant searches attract significantly more organic traffic than businesses on Page 2 and beyond – and showing up on Page 1 can mean


Keeping Permanent Life Insurance Permanent

Permanent life insurance is a descriptive term for policies designed to remain in force for the entire life of the insured. Most permanent life insurance policies (such as whole life, variable life or universal life) also feature a cash value account, and this unique combination of a lifetime insurance benefit and tax-deferred


Get ‘Sterling’ Service and Insurance Concepts All in One

Anyone who’s ever needed the services of an insurance agent knows how important it is that you work with someone who cares about his or her customers. You also want someone experienced and knowledgeable who can help find you the best plan available and, should you ever need assistance, will be there to help you navigate the


Charity Watch: Caveat Emptor

Bestselling author Frank Abagnale, formerly a con artist, recently released a book “Scam Me If You Can.” The movie “Catch Me If You Can” starring Leonardo DiCaprio is based on the “scamploits” (my word) of Abagnale and his book describes charity scams, among others, and how to avoid them, especially at this time of year.

According to Giving


Call Us Before It Is Too Late

Advertising with The Jewish Link has made me feel like a mini celebrity. Maybe not quite as famous as my instafamous wife @wellsquarednutrition (forgive the shameless plug), but my parents and kids take great pride in my weekly appearances, and other acquaintances—and even strangers—often approach me and say, “Hey Jeff, I saw


Eli Mandel Shares His Four-Month Plan to Financial Stability

Eli Mandel was once a kollel student who thought piling on credit card debt was the simple way to make whatever purchase he wanted. He learned the hard way that trouble ensues when you can’t pay the bill. He taught himself a better way to manage money. Now he’s coaching others with a four-month guided self-help path to


Transform Your Workout at Retro Fitness of Hackensack

Retro Fitness of Hackensack, a leading exercise facility in Bergen County, offers state-of-the-art equipment, a huge training space and specialty studios. Located in the heart of Hackensack just minutes from Route 4, Retro keeps adding to its already expansive list of services and amenities. With its 4,000-plus


 5 Ways to Increase Safety in Your Business

As they say, safety first is safety always. Taking preventative measures to ensure your employees are safe on the job will not only increase productivity and workplace satisfaction,