Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Business Spotlight

‘Excuse Me, Does Count Dracula Live Here?’

Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) is considered the “go-to” tool for improving the world. It is an ageless and extraordinary document consisting of sayings espoused by Jewish scholars who lived from 300 BCE to 200 CE and filled the world with their remarkable wisdom. It offers vision and valuable life lessons that we glean from their


Stop the Game

In last month’s column, I described the phenomenon of what could be described as the rise of young speculators attempting to manipulate the prices of select stocks. These “merry men” gravitated to trading platforms such as Robinhood and have virtually banded together on social media to collectively drive an agenda. Many individuals


Cross River CEO Talks About Moving From the Yeshiva to the C-Suite

(Courtesy of Touro College) Yaakov Gade, CEO and founder of Cross River Bank, has built a successful enterprise while upholding and supporting his Torah values. In fact, Gade believes that his upbringing and yeshiva background have shaped his character and forged his core values.


‘PreservUs’ Helps Broaden Access to Cemetery Records

One talented, young New Jersey Jewish professional found passion for a career path, and the inspiration to found a tech start-up that serves an unmet worldwide need, while working on a summer project—mapping and photographing a synagogue cemetery in Albany, New York.

Ari Sohn had


David Tawil, Esq.: A Family-Law Attorney Successful in Assisting Frum Families

Once you learn about David Tawil’s background, it’s no surprise why he’s chosen to practice matrimonial and family law, why he does so “the old-fashioned way,” and why he has skills tailored to serve clients who also live in the frum community. As a partner with the law firm of Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook and Cooper,


Get Ready for Pesach With New Jersey Kashering Service

There are many reasons why making Pesach can feel overwhelming this year—kids in Zoom school always underfoot, demands of a job, perhaps a disability or illness. Last year, many people found themselves unexpectedly making Pesach, some for the first time, when the pandemic shut down travel and group meals.


Schubin and Isaacs: Not Just Any Law Firm

For three generations, Schubin and Isaacs has made its mark in the corporate and not-for-profit legal sector, as well as by its work in the real estate sector, representing many of the largest international and regional banks and residential and commercial buyers and sellers. The firm was founded in 1930 by Benjamin Isaacs, a


Adjusting With the Times

About 20 years ago I underwent shoulder surgery. As everyone is prone to do, I asked around: “Where can I find the BEST shoulder surgeon?” After ample research I found the surgeon who virtually wrote the textbook on shoulder surgery. After getting second opinion(s), I utilized this surgeon.


Stop the Game!

In contemporary political discourse, replete with polarizing rhetoric and questionable media reporting, weaving false narratives is the modus operandi for many talking heads from their bully pulpits. But false narratives are emerging in many other walks of life outside of the political realm. Personally, I find these false narratives


Customize Your Workouts at Colosseum Fitness

As the trend towards self-care and wellness continues to grow, more people are prioritizing fitness as part of their regular routine. Fitness enthusiasts Shane Condappa and Jaret Howell, who understand the psychology behind exercise, have recently opened Colosseum Fitness in Hackensack, where they are committed to


Increase Sales, Lower Costs With E-commerce Platform FutureEcom

Brothers Avi and Eliezer Rosenblatt founded FutureEcom, an E-commerce platform, to help mid-size businesses grow. Their platform simplifies the marketing and selling of products online at a much lower cost than their competitors.

Eliezer is a licensed attorney with experience in hi-tech


Mochers Magazine Celebrates the Jewish Men’s Lifestyle

Drink a l’chaim to the new Mochers Magazine, about to launch its first issue. Mochers celebrates the Jewish men’s lifestyle. Sure, you have your chavrusas, seforim and shiurim. Mochers is here to help you make the best use of your precious free time, with premium content by experts in their fields about the rewards that

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