Friday, January 28, 2022

Business Spotlight

Lessons From the Stock Market Meltdown and Recovery

To say that 2020 has been a roller coaster of a year for the economy and the financial markets would be an understatement. Interestingly, as we approach the midpoint of the year, the overall performance of broad stock market averages has been much less pronounced than the macroeconomic dislocation may have warranted. As COVID-19 morphed


Website Aids Those Seeking Jobs Amid Pandemic

The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic have been far reaching. Society’s first concern has been about keeping people safe and healthy; however, people are now fighting a new battle––an economic crisis.

Zachary Flamholz, his wife Sigal Spitzer and her younger brother Gilad


Online Platform See Be Shop Empowers Kids

Leading clinical child psychologist Dr. Chassia Boczko has launched See Be Shop, an interactive website for kids and families that offers classes, activities and retail shopping. Throughout her 20 years in private practice, Boczko has always aimed to empower children through a multi-faceted approach. See Be Shop is built


Klal Ventures Fast Tracks Ideas to Help Jewish Communities

What happens when leaders from across the spectrum of Orthodox Judaism decide it’s time to find the fastest, most effective route to solving some of the community’s most intractable problems? They act—by seeking out the best solutions and offering assistance on a path to implementation. That’s the motivation behind


Getting Down to Business

We are all in a rush these days. We’re always running to a meeting (virtual, of course), running to finish a project before a deadline (from our home office), or running to set up all our children’s devices in time for their Zoom classes. When do we have time for personal or business development and learning? When do we have time for


What Is Amazon FBA And Why It Is Better Than Shopify

If you are starting a business selling physical products, you might be deciding between starting your own Shopify store or leveraging Amazon's global marketplace. While Shopify does offer a lot more branding potential and the ability to avoid having to compete on price against the fierce competition found on Amazon, the positives of selling


What Is the Best Investment You Can Make?

(Courtesy of Project Ezrah) If you were to ask Warren Buffet this question he would tell you that the best investment is in yourself.

About 30 people from our community recently joined in a Zoom call to invest in themselves. Project Ezrah hosted “Become a Gmail Master,” given by Seth Dimbert. Mr.


Apostille.net Continues Assisting Aliyah During COVID-19

An interesting byproduct of the coronavirus pandemic has been the 50% surge in aliyah applications, as reported early last month. Luis and Marta Massieu of Apostille.net have been, and will continue to be, there to assist those seeking to take this life-altering step.

The Massieus work closely


Rena Soclof Events Makes Beautiful Backyard Weddings

So you’re having a backyard wedding. Nothing to it, right? Like a barbecue, except with a chuppah? Not quite.

“There are so many details and moving pieces that go into a backyard wedding, more than a regular wedding,” said Rena Soclof, owner of Rena Soclof Events. “It may not be the


SYNERGY Keeps Seniors Safe

The challenge of finding aides for seniors can be difficult; the added stress of the current pandemic only makes this task harder. While some home health agencies are providing minimal support for their aides, and won’t take virus patients, SYNERGY HomeCare has gone in the opposite direction. They’re giving aides training and


Lessons From the Stock Market Meltdown and Recovery

Part 2

In last week’s column I explained why I believe that market timing as a strategy is a fool’s errand. By jettisoning one’s portfolio out of fear, greed or plain hubris, an investor quite often ends up regretting their decision. Market timing is a mistake in the category of questionable


Tales From a Budding Stock Market Investor and Social Media Aficionado

I invested in my first stock on November 27. I bought two shares in a small Bitcoin Trust (NYSE:GBTC) that was, at the time, trading at $9.54. That’s where my investing story begins, as a 14-year-old in his freshman year of high school.

I sold it at $12.01. I know, not a great return, but for my first

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