Tuesday, August 03, 2021

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How Startups Can Obtain and Pay for Equipment

How Startups Can Obtain and Pay for Equipment

When you have a startup, you’ll need to think about purchasing equipment at some point. Whether it’s desktop computers, printers, laptops, or other items, tech can go a long way toward ensuring the success of your new company long-term. But you’ll have some tough decisions to make


When a Curse Is Not a Curse

A day school teacher once related his challenge of teaching a Hebrew text to young students who had partial—but not yet complete—grasp of the language. He related that as he discussed with his students the Torah’s demand of “v’ahavta l’reacha kamocha,” loving one’s fellow, he quoted the well-known comment of Rabbi Akiva that


Tamarim Concierge: Your Hands in Israel

If you are not in Israel, but need something done in Israel, Tamarim Concierge is the solution. Tamarim Concierge can be your hands in Israel. Up for any challenge, they say, “Of course we do that!”

Based in Israel, Tamarim Concierge was founded in 2009. Services include providing assistance


Deena Ganger Provides ‘Services With a Smile’

Talking with Deena Ganger, one can’t help but admire the success of her midlife transition. At 55, the mother of four and former schoolteacher has reinvented herself, launching a new business and hoping to inspire others along the way.

Like many, she spent her 20s, 30s and 40s wearing her mom hat and


Send Flowers to Friends and Family in Israel

Sending flowers to show you care is an established tradition in the United States.

Shira Grunstein discovered that it was an unmet need for Americans living in Israel, so she stepped in to provide the service. Petal to the Metal creates beautiful


Trashed Cans? Simply Cans Can Help

After a year of cleaning and sanitizing everything in our lives, this new service delivers at the next level. Simply Cans, a residential cleaning and sanitizing company, specializes in cleaning outdoor trash cans throughout Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Union, Hudson and Morris Counties.


HeraldPR and Emerald Digital Create Media Messaging With Proven Results

When the owners of Seasons in Clifton wanted to get the word out that all their employees were vaccinated, they turned to their trusted public relations advisers, Warren H. Cohn of Englewood, and Juda Engelmayer of Teaneck, partners in HeraldPR/Emerald Digital. More than ever, successful public


Passion for Shoes and a Thing for Bling

It started many years ago—I was at a wedding where the bride was wearing the most beautiful shoes beneath her flowing princess-style wedding gown. They weren’t 4-inch heeled pumps or sandals. They were sneakers covered with lace and rhinestones that perfectly accented her elegant gown. Now


The Linchpin

The linchpin in a nonprofit plays an incredibly pivotal role in the growth and development of the organization. He or she is, or should be, a professional well-versed in the inner workings of the nonprofit. The linchpin also cements relationships with the public and philanthropic associations, as well as the nonprofit community.


Sustaining for Maximal Productivity

This is the fourth of my five-step productivity process for leaders, which I have since turned into a Productivity Blueprint (see my bio for how to access.)

The next step (step four) towards increased productivity is to aim to ensure that our new productivity process is sustainable and doesn’t quickly


How (Not) to Lose $8 Billion in 10 Days

In recent columns I have expressed my deep skepticism regarding the merits of trading “meme” or “Reddit” stocks by retail investors. While the siren song of making a small fortune overnight is tempting, I have cautioned that this type of strategy cannot be deemed “investing” and could risk one’s financial future. Moreover, I


Touro Builds Marketing Program With Dr. John Tantillo

Branding and marketing expert joins faculty of Lander College for Men.

(Courtesy of Touro College) Touro’s Lander College for Men has appointed branding and marketing expert Dr. John Tantillo as a full-time assistant professor of marketing and management.

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