Friday, May 20, 2022

Business Spotlight

Senior Direct Brings Message of Hope

Caren Redlich, LCSW and CEO of Senior Direct, leaves a lasting impression. A highly educated and trained therapeutic professional with extensive experience in our communities over decades, Redlich, in her own words, “offers seniors a message of hope.”

Senior Direct’s specialty


Steinreich Communications Acquires South African Digital Marketing Agency

Acquisition serves as the agency’s entrance to the African continent.

(Courtesy of Steinreich Communications) Steinreich Communications Group, Inc., an international public relations firm, has acquired the Omniado Agency, one of South Africa’s leading design and digital marketing agencies. The


Get Smart With Professor Ross

With more and more colleges going “test-optional,” the emphasis on standardized tests, like the SAT or ACT, is quickly being replaced with a focus on high school GPA scores. For decades high schoolers were told to diligently prepare for the standardized test, in some cases framing it as the most important variable in a


Let’s Play ‘Moneyball’

I know it’s been 10 years since the film was released, and 18 years since the book that inspired it was published, but I want to talk about “Moneyball.” I’m a sports fan, and this movie and portrayal of the 2002 Oakland A’s was right up my alley. However, this isn’t the only reason I loved this movie.


Partying Like It’s 1982

Earlier this month the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the consumer price index registered a 7.5% increase in January 2022 over one year ago. Inflation is back and perhaps is proving more nettlesome than some top economists and Federal Reserve officials had believed. We have not seen a similar inflation reading in the U.S.


Women Reentering the Job Market

While the pandemic roughed up the careers of millions of Americans, women were particularly hard hit.

Appropriately, I’m responding to requests for advice to women reentering the workforce, whether your absence was COVID-related or otherwise. Space being limited here, let’s avoid the reasons for this


The Transition Plan

You have given proper notice to your current employer and now it’s time to look forward to the next stepping-stone in your career. Or perhaps you are about to enter retirement. Another possibility is that you’ve decided to inaugurate a new business opportunity, which is the reason you are leaving. Or perhaps you just needed to take time


NJJBA Plan Family Owned Business Forum

(Courtesy of NJJBA) On Wednesday, March 9, the New Jersey Jewish Business Alliance (NJJBA) will be hosting the Family Owned Business Forum—a panel discussion centered around family owned businesses. Family owned businesses have always been a staple of American culture. The forum is a great opportunity for business owners to learn from


Financial Tips to Downsize and Liquidate Your Assets

In a world economy where so many working people face inflation, uncertain futures, and an unstable business environment, downsizing makes a lot of sense. Likewise, many adults respond to tough financial times by converting assets to cash. Whether you're looking to liquidate or downsize, or both, it's essential to know about the


Julie Farkas Design Brings an Artistic Touch To Promotional Products and Branding

When graphic designer Julie Farkas takes on a project for a client, her goal is to formulate a clear message and convey it visually in the most artistic, unified, compelling way possible. “It’s a holistic approach,” she said. “I listen to the client, see what needs to be done, and solve the problem visually. I’m an artist


5 Universities with Scholarships for Jewish Students in US

As the cost of attending college keeps increasing, the question of how to afford higher education weighs on parents and students. There are many scholarships available to members of the Jewish community. They are often offered by local Jewish federations and their affiliated institutions. 


How to Save on Ink Cartridges Without Refilling

The biggest drawback of inkjet printers is frequent cartridge replacement. This equipment is less economical than laser machines but more suitable for high-resolution jobs. You can save on ink in many ways. If you are still thinking of trying DIY refilling, this article will help you avoid expensive mistakes.

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