Friday, February 03, 2023

Business Spotlight

New Milford’s Jewelry by Vincent Is Under New Ownership

For years, many in our community knew that when they needed to purchase a piece of jewelry or a new watch, get a watch battery changed or get an appraisal on something they owned, they could simply head over to Jewelry by Vincent at 842 River Road in New Milford and know that their needs would be easily met. With Vincent finally deciding it was time to retire and


Elevate Your Workout At Flyte Bungee

Exercise enthusiasts are flying high for bungee fitness, a low impact cardio-focused workout that engages core strength, balance and mobility while attached to an overhead elastic suspension harness. As the method continues to grow in popularity, more and more studios are opening throughout the country, including Flyte Bungee, which recently opened in


Through Which End of the Telescope Are You Looking?

The economy created 261,000 jobs in October. Great news!

The economy created 261,000 jobs in October. How disappointing!

For a career coach and job market observer like me, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly jobs report, released early each month, is always a serious point of focus.

Immediately thereafter begins the ensuing and


The Ascendant Generation: Gen X

Different generations and their involvement or potential involvement with nonprofit organizations have been the subject of much discussion in the fundraising world. Generation terms are often tossed around like frisbees in a game. Before we can discuss the impact of age groups, let’s define a few terms.

We will focus on Generation X, which is


Pashman Stein Walder Hayden Welcomes Trusts & Estates Counsel Alec Borenstein

 (Courtesy of Pashman Stein Walder Hayden) Pashman Stein Walder Hayden is pleased to announce that Alec R. Borenstein has joined as counsel in the firm’s Trusts & Estates, Corporate & Business Law, and Commercial Real Estate practices. Prior to joining Pashman Stein, Borenstein was a partner at Borenstein, McConnell & Calpin


Tribeworks Plans Full Day Networking Event

(Courtesy of Tribeworks) Tribeworks, a collaborative initiative led by leading Jewish support organizations, will be holding a full day networking event on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Staten Island, New York. Tribeworks offers myriad support services to enable businesses to thrive.

The event’s theme will be “Starting & Scaling a


My Best Trade Ever

In August I penned an article in this space titled “My Worst Trade Ever.” It was intended to be a somewhat tongue-in-cheek description of how to avoid one of the many pitfalls of undisciplined investing. I described my investment in the late 1980s in a then-nascent and little-known computer manufacturer, Dell Computers. From my personal experience with the product,


Frummerch Offers Funny, Unique and Customizable Gifts

When Dani Caplan was growing up in Edison, New Jersey his parents Naomi and Josh were often told by his teachers that he was constantly smiling. Let’s just say he was and is a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. In August 2021, right after his wife Rina gave birth to their first child, Liora, in Netanya, Israel, he


Is This the End?

People forecasting the end of days is nothing new. Just 10 years ago, people around the world grew nervous about predictions made by ancient Mayan calendars. In the last two years, we’ve experienced an unprecedented global pandemic and the current economic climate of uncertainty.

Thanksgiving has arrived during a difficult 2022, a time when we sit around with


Should Board Members of Nonprofits Fundraise?

There is a lively debate over whether nonprofit board members should engage in fundraising. You must be surprised, I understand. Me, too. I will do my best to explain why they shouldn’t cease raising money.

But first…

Jimmy LaRose, an entrepreneur,


How a Potential Recession Affects Your Portfolio: A R.E.A.L. Investors Guide

This past month, I enjoyed some time with my family and a break from the headlines that we’ve been hammered with over the year, while celebrating the holidays. For me, every holiday season seems to have two things in common: a farewell to what has been and excitement for what new things are to


60/40 Foresight

For most of the past decade, investors searching for income in the fixed income market have been hard-pressed to find any solutions without taking on significant credit risk. Due to the Federal Reserve’s multiyear zero interest rate policy, interest rates on nearly all fixed income instruments have been at historically low levels. As an

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