Saturday, June 03, 2023

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The Election Question

As always, the Tishrei holiday season is a propitious time to assess our personal and spiritual needs and goals for the coming year. During the past few weeks, while on hiatus from writing, I have spent much time reflecting on ways to enhance my communication of relevant and timely information in a more interactive way. So, I will be


Unique Elegant Seating Highlights Excellence and Quality

(Courtesy of Unique Elegant Seating) In 1978, Unique Elegant Seating opened its doors and offered its first collection of chairs. Over the years, we have grown this collection to include many of the beautiful and unique chairs that have become staples in the exclusive repertoire of furniture selected by prominent designers worldwide for use


How to Use Practice Tests and Other Training Materials to Get Cisco CCNA Badge

Cisco is one of the most reputable vendors worldwide. Specialists who are passionate about networking concepts choose Cisco certifications to enhance their skills and leverage their careers. Given the rapid popularity of networking technology in the current business environment, recruiters value those individuals who managed to get the


CDC Solutions Provides Extra COVID-19 Protection

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted just about every aspect of people’s lives. Leaving the house now means remembering to bring a mask, and people can no longer take part in social gatherings the way they once did. As for shul, many are holding their minyanim outdoors, with indoor minyanim following strict rules so


Health Insurance Made Simple With Levi Goldberg

While no one plans to get sick or hurt, most people will need medical care at some point in their lives. With that in mind, health insurance is important for everyone, acting as a safeguard against high, unexpected medical costs as well as providing preventive care and other essential benefits.



Stand Out With a Headshot by David Beyda Photography

A great headshot is your best calling card in today’s digital world. Getting photographed now is more convenient than ever. David Beyda, a headshot specialist, has just opened a studio in Teaneck, in addition to his studio in Manhattan’s Bryant Park. “It’s much more convenient


In Forex Trading what is Spread?

There is a common disparity between the price of an offer (selling)and the price of a request (buying) of a monetary pair.

There are two rates, the bid and the offer most commonly known. The selling price is the exchange rate for the fundamental currency, while the purchasing price is the sales


DRINK UP! Delivers Favorite Drinks and More

DRINK UP!, a dependable drink delivery service, is excited to announce its new name, complete with expanded delivery locations and more products. Boasting touchless delivery to your front door or garage, DRINK UP! offers comprehensive and fast service for drinks and other popular convenience items.


Sit-Safe Chair Protectors Offer Peace of Mind

(Courtesy of Sit-Safe) COVID has changed the world, and everyday life has been turned upside down. From work to pleasure, from business to family visits. We are living in a new world. Everyone is facing these new changes.

Social distancing has proven to be an effective preventive measure to slow the


‘Israel Is Beautiful’ Explores the Beauty of the Holy Land

For those of us who yearn to be in Israel, as I do, there is a new website that will take us each week on an engaging, enjoyable and inspiring visit. The site is called www.Israelisbeautiful.com and was created by a dear friend and tour guide par excellence, someone whom many of us know personally, Peter Abelow.


Connecting for Success

Multiple Jewish sources teach us that mitzvah is associated with the word tzavta, i.e., connection. Tzavar, Hebrew for neck, has similar etymology—unsurprising, since it connects the head and the body, and tzevet denotes a team of people who are connected.

Below is the essence of a message I just


When Humor Isn’t Funny

Every good speaker often begins a speech with a funny story or an “ice breaker.” These are called “attention grabbers” and the idea is for the speaker to captivate the audiences’ attention so that folks will listen to the boring speech. Sometimes the opening is funny, and the speaker achieves his/her goal; oftentimes a

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