Saturday, June 03, 2023

Business Spotlight

‘Space’ Is the Place for Full-Service Outdoor, Indoor and Off-Premises Events

Yes, you can have a beautiful, socially distant, low stress outdoor wedding or bar/bat mitzvah that is not in your backyard. Space Events, a full-service catering venue in Englewood, has turned its large paved parking lot into a simcha paradise, with a spacious 40 x 60-foot tent that can hold up to 120


Happy Handyman Renovations Offers Sukkah Building in Teaneck

As these past months in quarantine draw to a close, and people begin returning to shul, school and work, we are reminded that even during these difficult times, some things remain the same. As the fall approaches amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with restrictions beginning to be lifted, the Jewish community is preparing to welcome the


Cinch and On Time Coffee Join Forces

When the Englewood-based Korman brothers, Ari and Josh, started Cinch five years ago, never could they have imagined the direction their business would take in 2020. When they first launched, the business model was simple: provide a great selection of bulk-sized groceries from favorite warehouse-club stores at


Poel Group Recruits Top Talent for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Chaim Desser, founder and CEO of The Poel Group, is pleased to report that after re-opening past the peak of the pandemic, business is thriving. In this new reality, small and mid-sized for-profit businesses are re-assessing their needs and coming up with a new profile for the top-notch employees they are seeking.


After the Pandemic, What Then?

One morning you will wake up and hear the good news. A vaccine was discovered for the coronavirus and enough doses are being distributed throughout the United States. You sign up, get vaccinated and even shake the hand of the person administering the vaccine. You might even give that person a hug. The End. And they all lived


Creativity in a Time of Inactivity: Building a Business During Corona

At the start of April, Dovid Schulhof, ninth grader at The Torah Academy of Bergen County, along with the rest of the world, was filled with uncertainty regarding the next few months. After completing classes on Zoom and finishing assignments, Dovid found that he still had much of the day to utilize. While many teenagers turned to apps such


Small Business Growing Pains? Consider a Virtual Assistant

By now, you get up in the morning to start your day and it’s August and the message has sunken in finally; things are not going back to normal. Not today, not next week and not anytime soon. Back in March, your startup and small-business growth plans were outlined and beginning to be executed. You had a couple of clients, rented


Financial Planning for the Orthodox Jewish Family: Retirement Planning

In my last article, I highlighted the importance of establishing a financial plan in order to map out a path toward long-term financial security. Moreover, I demonstrated how savings and investment strategies are indispensable facets of creating a glide path toward enjoying a couple’s retirement years. This segment will focus on how the


Haberman Jewelers: Three Generations of Diamond Specialists

Haberman Jewelers, established in 1917, is a family run business that specializes in custom made diamond jewelry. Wayne Haberman, a third generation jeweler, is continuing his father and grandfather’s legacy by providing top quality service and exquisite one of a kind pieces. For over 100 years, families have turned to Haberman


Financial Planning for the Orthodox Jewish Family: Diagnosing the Challenges

For many Orthodox Jewish families today, it is a challenge, if not an impossibility, to think about long-term financial planning. Without any hard data, one could venture a guess that the cost of living for the typical Orthodox Jewish family of four (let alone six or eight or 10, b”H, is significantly higher than the average American


William K. Clothing Sells Medical Grade PPE

Doni Krause of William K. Clothing has pivoted his business and is currently selling medical grade personal protective equipment including gloves, sanitizer, face shields and masks. Offering the same level of customer service his clients have come to know and expect, the custom suit manufacturer stocks the highest quality products at


Would You Like to Attend My Virtual Parlor Meeting?

No one could have predicted on January 1 what a topsy-tursvy year 2020 would be. The most skilled crystal-ball gazer would have been ridiculed. And yet, we are in the throes of a pandemic never envisioned in our lifetime, economic turmoil unlike anything experienced since 1929 and societal upheavals where conventional values and mores are

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