Monday, June 05, 2023

Business Spotlight

Edison Pack and Ship Earns Regional Reputation for Shipping Hard-to-Ship Items

In 2012 Azriela and Stephen Jaffe of Edison reached a crossroads in their careers. The next steps were not clear.

After many years working in finance, Stephen lost his job in a corporate layoff action. As a 60-year-old professional, he learned soon


JAP Entertainment Parties in Its New Home

All couples are ecstatic when they purchase their first home. Ari and Rachel Carus have an additional reason to be thrilled: They now have a permanent base for their company, JAP (Jewish American Parties) Entertainment.

Ari and Rachel are the life of the


Eleven Potential Job Market Changers in 2023

Okay. We’ve just finished the strongest two years of job creation in history—back-to-back, no less. That, combined with all other labor statistics—low unemployment rate, high rates of hires and voluntary quits, and low layoffs—confirms it. As a result, 2023 has been given all it needs for a good start. Yet, due to the fact that more


Just Start 2.0

Well, the new year is upon us again. Last year at this time, I wrote about the importance of “Just Start” on your sustainable wealth-creation journey. After an outsized down year across most financial assets in 2022, many have been left disheartened with the economy and their finances—particularly regarding their goals of


‘If I Only Had a Brain!’

In the movie The Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow laments he was deprived of the mental capacity that he later learned he always possessed. Declaring his despondency to Dorothy, he bemoans, “If I only had a brain!” Even now, as we correctly assumed, he had a keen intellect and common sense. Yet, isn’t it true that we seldom realize our


Thank You Hashem!

So, you are undoubtedly wondering why the writer of a financial column is borrowing a song title from the rising singing sensation Joey Newcomb. I do not know Joey personally, but his mom, Sara Gordon, lives across the street from me in Edison, New Jersey. But this has nothing to do with investment advice or the financial markets. So, allow


Seeking a New Job in 2023? You’re Not Alone

While changing jobs is a huge decision, both professionally and personally, a hefty percentage of the workforce seems to be doing just that. Job hopping used to be viewed as problematic (as a recruiter, I drew bunny ears as a note to myself on top of those resumes), but it is now widely accepted as reasonable for career


Kreative Kidz: The Sky’s the Limit

Keli Teichman, affectionately known as Morah Keli, has been flying high with her speaker and props in tow—literally. Her music and movement business, known as Kreative Kidz, is racking up miles traveling across the country, sharing her love of her craft with children from coast to coast.


Haas & Zaltz, LLP: Helping You Plan for Peace of Mind


Believe it or not, most people have an estate. That estate might include a big house or a more modest one. An estate can include jewelry, financial securities and even art. The question is, however, what becomes of the estate, or rather, where will it go, once its owner passes?


Dream Sculpt Body Spa Opens in New Rochelle

In November 2022, Riverdalians Michael Brown and his wife Dr. Alisa Gladstone Brown, along with Drs. Lidia Lidagoster and Pablo Villegas, opened Dream Sculpt Body Spa in New Rochelle.

Michael explained that the “spa is run by doctors who want to help people lose weight and build


Haas & Zaltz, LLP: To Help You Plan Your Legacy and Protect Your Family

It’s an uncomfortable conversation for many, yet it might just be the single most important conversation people will ever have in their lives: estate and legacy planning. Emanuel Haas and Ari Zaltz of the law firm Haas & Zaltz, LLP are there to help their clients navigate the highly complex and sensitive issues that


Anything Wrong With the Soup?

I recall an old (indeed, a very old) joke. Older than I am. Older than the hills:

A guy goes into his favorite restaurant and orders a bowl of chicken noodle soup. The waiter promptly serves it, but a few minutes later sees the guy staring at the soup but not eating it. He comes over and asks,

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