Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Business Spotlight

Celebrate Your Simcha With a Custom Album by Shira

For most people, a hobby is what you do in your spare time. Shira Berkowitz took it a step further, turning a favorite pastime into a business venture with her recent debut of Custom Album Design by Shira.

Berkowitz designs one-of-a-kind albums for


This Husband and Wife Team Can Throw a Party

Rachel Carus enters a North Jersey party venue, a bag of games and party favors in hand. Rachel’s husband, Ari, follows her onto the dance floor lugging speakers and lighting equipment. Rachel begins conversing with the dancers and party hostess, discussing last-minute details


Teaneck’s Kelin Advances To Counsel at Genova Burns

(Courtesy of Genova Burns) Genova Burns LLC of Newark, New Jersey, is pleased to announce that Avi D. Kelin, along with three colleagues, was elevated to the position of “Counsel” effective April 1. The group is well deserving of this recognition as each has contributed greatly to the firm’s capabilities and strategic


Organize Your Home With Silversquare Custom Closets


Once considered a luxury, custom closets have become an essential part of home design. Many people are willing to forego prime real estate in their bedrooms and other areas of the home in exchange for closets that maximize space and functionality.

Silversquare Custom Closets


Teaneck’s Shlomo Levy Joins Deals On Wheels

Shlomo Levy has always been driven by a passion for cars. What began as a hobby transitioned to a career in the automobile industry, and though he has taken certain detours over the last 20 years, he always comes back to what he does best, sell cars. Levy, who lives in Teaneck, recently joined the team at Deals on Wheels,


‘Israel With Arky’ Offers Unique Tours Of Israel

For Arky Staiman, his chosen career as a tour guide in Eretz Yisrael affords him opportunities to connect to the land and help connect the next generations to the land of their heritage.

Arky, named in memory of his great-grandfather Aaron, made aliyah from Baltimore in 2010, as did three


‘Excuse Me, Does Count Dracula Live Here?’

Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) is considered the “go-to” tool for improving the world. It is an ageless and extraordinary document consisting of sayings espoused by Jewish scholars who lived from 300 BCE to 200 CE and filled the world with their remarkable wisdom. It offers vision and valuable life lessons that we glean from their


Stop the Game

In last month’s column, I described the phenomenon of what could be described as the rise of young speculators attempting to manipulate the prices of select stocks. These “merry men” gravitated to trading platforms such as Robinhood and have virtually banded together on social media to collectively drive an agenda. Many individuals


Cross River CEO Talks About Moving From the Yeshiva to the C-Suite

(Courtesy of Touro College) Yaakov Gade, CEO and founder of Cross River Bank, has built a successful enterprise while upholding and supporting his Torah values. In fact, Gade believes that his upbringing and yeshiva background have shaped his character and forged his core values.


‘PreservUs’ Helps Broaden Access to Cemetery Records

One talented, young New Jersey Jewish professional found passion for a career path, and the inspiration to found a tech start-up that serves an unmet worldwide need, while working on a summer project—mapping and photographing a synagogue cemetery in Albany, New York.

Ari Sohn had


David Tawil, Esq.: A Family-Law Attorney Successful in Assisting Frum Families

Once you learn about David Tawil’s background, it’s no surprise why he’s chosen to practice matrimonial and family law, why he does so “the old-fashioned way,” and why he has skills tailored to serve clients who also live in the frum community. As a partner with the law firm of Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook and Cooper,


Get Ready for Pesach With New Jersey Kashering Service

There are many reasons why making Pesach can feel overwhelming this year—kids in Zoom school always underfoot, demands of a job, perhaps a disability or illness. Last year, many people found themselves unexpectedly making Pesach, some for the first time, when the pandemic shut down travel and group meals.

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