Thursday, June 04, 2020

Business Spotlight

Which Mortgage is Better?

Assuming you can afford the monthly payments for either option, conventional financial wisdom favors the 15-year option, simply because it greatly reduces the amount of interest paid over the term of the loan. On a $250,000 loan at 4%, the numbers seem compelling:

Choosing a 15-year mortgage means a 54% higher monthly payment, but a 30-year mortgage results in


Teaneck Says Yes to the Dresses at Mishelyne’s

Teaneck–Ever wish for a personal stylist like the celebrities have? Someone like superstar stylist Rachel Zoe, who has an impeccable eye and knows what will work for your personal style? Discerning Teaneck customers in search of world-class styling in a neighborhood store have benefitted from fashion advice from Sara Fuks, owner of


Dentist Dr. Rebecca Block Joins Dr. David J. Katz and Associates in Teaneck

Teaneck–Dr. David J. Katz, who specializes in restorative and general dentistry, with offices in both Teaneck and Forest Hills, is thrilled that Dr. Rebecca Block is joining the practice. “We have long awaited the arrival of my daughter, Dr. Block, who will assist with expanding our hours in Teaneck,” said Katz. The name of the practice will be


Going the Distance with J. Mark Interiors

How do you decorate your home from 6,000 miles away? You hire the design firm that goes the distance for you.

Jeffrey Mark of J. Mark Interiors is always on the move. From his New York headquarters, to the hills of Jerusalem, to trade shows throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, Mark travels the world to


A Better Way to Build (Part 2)

Developing a Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive financial plan is more than a longer, more detailed list of mathematical projections. Although numbers matter, a comprehensive financial plan is also about developing a philosophy toward wealth and how to attain


How Applying For and Using Your Credit Cards Can Earn You Extra Money

If you had the opportunity to earn extra money by doing almost the same amount of work, wouldn’t you do it? Most people would agree, but when you tell them that the way to earn this money is by opening new credit cards, they hesitate due to being afraid the new accounts will damage their credit scores, they won’t be able to keep track of these new cards, or believe


Gili’s Goodies Delivers Food and Smiles to Loved Ones in Israel

Ordering a gift basket for Israelis is easy. Getting one delivered with love is unique. It’s this special niche that Gail and David Ehrlich have carved out for themselves with the renowned Gili’s Goodies.

From its modest beginnings in their Efrat home in 2001, the company has expanded to include everything from their signature cookies to an entire


Jimmy Cleveland’s Plumbing and Heating Will Fix Your Sewer, For Good

New Milford–Have you ever had a sewer that backed up repeatedly? Many homes in our community, those that were built between 50 and 70 years ago, at some point develop this kind of problem. It’s no fun, and if you have experienced it, you know how costly and inconvenient it is to have repeated visits by a plumber.

But, no more. Now, you can have


Magnetically Connecting Communities and Businesses

Teaneck–An exciting phenomenon is about to hit the Teaneck community. As it has in so many other communities–including resounding success in neighboring Passaic–“The Business Magnet” is set to revolutionize the way the communities interact with the businesses within them. These strengthened community-business relationships have been a boon, and mutually


Not Your Mother’s Glatt Express

Teaneck–What’s a nice, young, recent YU graduate doing greeting customers at the Glatt Express Supermarket on Queen Anne Road? A great deal it turns out. It isn’t merely that Dani Secemski’s mother, Tammy, bought the establishment, the oldest kosher supermarket in Teaneck four years ago; but now Dani has joined the family team, bringing a passion for


Express Fit Aims to Get You in Shape in 12 Minutes a Week

Teaneck–“Exercise with heavy weights increases bone density and strength,” said Wesley Powell, owner of Express Fit personal trainers on Cedar Lane.

Powell said his program offers a 12-minute workout program of slow, heavy weight lifting that is more effective than cardiovascular exercise, and is intended for use only once a week. “You move the weight


A Better Way to Build (Part 1)

Ever seen a “Goodyear” house? Most Goodyear houses are at least 100 years old, and are typically found in farm country. Although they may feature a variety of styles and building materials, the identifying characteristic of a Goodyear house is an obvious addition–a different roofline, a change in elevation, new material for the foundation or siding, and a mix of